Saturday, May 31, 2008

There is blood in all the things I say... Will you hate me if I stay this way?///

So here is what I have painted so far... I don't think I get it done today. Maybe I can give it to them tomorrow.

Oh well.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Make the homies say "Yo" & the girlies wanna scream///


-Finish painting for Mom and Dad
-Take recycling to recycling center
-Take Poppy to get her latest rabies shot
-Take Beasley to the vet if he is feeling ill still
-Meet up with family for family photos
-Have dinner with said family
-Something else.

Aly, walk right out of my dreams... Into my arms///

I ended up listening to The Raveonettes latest album called LustLustLust and totally fell in love with it sooo much. I listened to most of the album while making pizza dough at 9pm last night. My favorite song is track 1 'Aly, Walk With Me.' Its very dream like. <3 Anywho, I only got about half way with my parents artwork present... I didn't know how hard painting was till last night. This is after about 2 hours of painting tho. I just hope if turns out as good as I hope it will. I know that they will just be happy that I made them something from the heart... And they have an Asian theme around the house anyways, so hopefully it will be a win win for me. Stupid camera phone don't do the picture much justice!!!

I hope to have it all finished before tomorrow evening. We are all (Mom, Dad, the brothers Matt & Orion and their girlfriends, myself and Paul) going to dinner at Buca di Beppo and then taking family photos (just me and my family... not the significant others). Should be fun, I'll take the camera just incase.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I keep your picture upon the wall... It hides a nasty stain that’s lying there///

I am going to make Mom and Dad a painting for their anniversary present. I am thinking of a cherry blossom theme on 3 canvas' for them. I am listening to music to make me all creative... Heart came on, 'Magic Man' and I forgot how much I like this song... Oh, and also 10cc's 'I'm Not In Love' How I love me some 70's music. Make out music... *growls* I need to work on some new mix ideas! Maybe while painting!

[Edit: 8pm]
I have decided to listen to Metallica instead. I haven't heard anything from them in a long time. The album of choice is the S&M double album with the San Francisco Symphony. Metal and a full symphonic orchestra... What else can a girl ask for? The metal sparks my creative juices and the symphonic part sparks my perfection and details in my painting. 'Master of Puppets', 'For Whom The Bells Toll', 'Nothing Else Matters', 'The Memory Remains' *sigh* Eat your heart out.

Sweet reunion Jamaica and Spain... We're like how we were again///

Ugh. So, Beasley is sick or something along those lines. He has been sneezing since last night and woke me up on a few occasions. I am getting a little worried about him to be honest. I told Paul that if he is like this tonight (watery eyes, sneezing, looking miserable), we might need to take him to the Vet to see what is going on with him. Maybe I do worry too much about my cats, but I keep thinking that him and Poppy depend on us to survive. They are our responsibilities. If he does have to go to the vet, I hope it doesn't cost too much. *crosses fingers*

I got a gift card to Starbucks from another Chiropractor who does special exams over in our office from time to time. $15!!! It's nice to feel appreciated sometimes in life. If only I could get more people to give me money as a gift : ) Then we will be in business!

I also got the idea of getting a tattoo while Paul is gone for a week in Mid-June for his sisters Lauren's high school graduation. I still dont know what I want to get but hopefully I will soon. I was thinking of something on my right hip close to the back area... Maybe som cherry blossoms... Who knows. It might never happen. Still, a girl can dream.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For always and ever, I'll never let go///

Things I love and hate:

+ So You Think You Can Dance' is on again! I have been watching it since 8pm tonight. It truly makes me happy to watch this show. There are some people that I kinda wish didn't make it to Las Vegas. Oh well, I guess we will have to see

- Mary Murphy. I don't know what it is about her but I think the fact that she doesn't seem to open her mouth all the way bothers me. Its like the talks through her teeth. I didn't notice that until Paul mentioned it to me tonight. So, not only is she annoying (personality wise) but she also talks weird.

+ Paul and I are gonna go to the Angels game next weekend. I am looking forward to it. I just need to make sure that I have enough money to pay down my stupid credit card bill first. I am crossing my fingers that we make the bonus for this month. I have 2 more days to make about $2000 by Friday. It might be less (I will have to ask Sara about the exact amount we need)

Any who, I am thinking of maybe picking up a new book once I get the one I am working on done. I am thinking about the book based on The Black Dahlia. I looked into the background info on it, and it looks pretty interesting.

And my upstairs neighbors are at it again!!! I am thinking about calling the stupid blond bitches at the office tomorrow. Seriously, I know the walls aren't that thick. I so cant wait till we can move sometime. Ugh. I can honestly make a whole post about how they are rude and loud and lack common sense. *sigh* Maybe sometime tomorrow I can make a proper post about how much I am ticked off. How hard is it to turn your fucking music/ TV when its already after 10pm!!?!?! Seriously. I think I am gonna explode over here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch check it out///

Still working on the photos...
Want to take Paul to see the Angels play the A's in 2 weeks...
Mom and Dad's 25th wedding anniversary is tomorrow (5/28/83)...
Going out to dinner on Saturday...
Need to take Miss Poppy to get her new set of rabies shots Saturday as well...
Can't wait for the weekend to come around again...

3 more days to go.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just what I needed///

I just found out that I got a 'C' in my Poly Sci class!!! Translation: I don't have to take it again!!! Ha ha, sucker!

What a day. Well, time for sleep. I am thinking of doing some cleaning in the morning :) Fun, eh?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Your jeans were once so clean; I bet you changed your wardrobe since we met///

Ugh, not going to sleep till 3am is never a good idea! But then again, Vodka and Red Bull was sooooo yummy. Thus, in conclusion, going to sleep at 3am and waking up at 10am and cleaning the kitchen was productive.

A while back, I had mentioned that I wanted to make a mixed CD of songs from commercials that I actually like (remember; CSS, We Are Scientist, Architecture in Helsinki?). Well, I added one more to that list. The band is called The Ting Tings and the song us called 'Shut Up and Let Me Go' and it has been in the newest Apple commercials for the ipod and itunes. So, here is the list as of today... In no particular order:

-Hum 'Stars'
-Cansei de Ser Sexy 'Music is my Hot Hot Sex'
- Saul Williams 'List of Demands (Reparations)'
Architecture In Helsinki 'Souvenirs'
-We Are Scientist 'After Hours'
-The Ting Tings 'Shut Up and Let Me Go'

Friday, May 23, 2008

So what's your name, Icy?

Just a random post to keep me sane till 5pm comes rolling around.

I was looking at of their list of "Today's Girls" and I have to admit, some of those girls are smokin' hottt... I can proudly admit that. Here are the ones that are my personal favorite:

-Aisha Tyler (loved her when she was on The Soup and on CSI)
-Dita Von Teese (what is not to love about her?)
-Julie Benz (from Dexter & Jawbreaker)
-Kat Von D (tattooed girls... Who doesnt like that?)
-Natalie Portman (probably my all time favorite female actress of all time)
-Penelope Cruz (Spanish pride!)
-Rose McGowan (from the Grindhouse films and Jawbreaker with Julie Benz)
-Catherine Zeta-Jones (gor-geous!)
-Salma Heyek (another gorgeous Latina!)

just to name a few.

Dare to dream... daretodream.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Planet California...

Holy Snaps, someone didn't tell me that the new season of So You Think You Can Dance is back on!? I think this is the only reality show/ contest that I enjoy watching on TV (besides Hell's Kitchen, Project Runway, Shear Genius and I bet there is one other show that I didn't mention). Screw American Idol! Anyways, I think I have a new show to keep me entertained all summer long till all my shows come back (like The Office, 30 Rock, Heroes, etc) and save me from the insanity called television.

Here is to counting down the days! At least I have something to amuse myself while I attempt to work on my photography project.

Here is a photo from when I went to the game last weekend... I have been working on getting those photos all finished every night for a few hours each night. I think the day made for some awesome photos. At least, that's what Paul and my friend M (who lives in the San Francisco area) have told me.

Sigh, what a cute pitcher. *swoons* Add this one to the list of "Yummy Baseball League" along with Casey Kotchman, 1st baseman for the Angels.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Goodbye to you///

Each day, I am looking more and more forward to the wonderful 3 day weekend ahead of me. I don't know what I am gonna do, but knowing that I don't have to wake up early for just one day is more then worth it. I think I should make a list of things I could/ should do...

-Finish editing the photos I have on my camera and putting them in to one complete album online. (I mentioned the other day that I have 4 different online photo albums... It would be nice to merge them to one complete and organized album)
-Clean out my room like going through the closet and getting rid of old things/ clothes. (I have noticed that I am starting projects and not finishing them, thus the clutter begins/ forms in different parts of the apartment.)
-Go for a bike ride somewhere off the river. (I had a patient tell me a few weeks ago that there were some nice bike trails that can take me from my apartment, which is on one side of the river, and lead me into Downtown, the other side of the river)
-Work on my plants/ garden on the patio.
-Take the recycling to get some extra money (and get them out of the patio closet, which is full now)
-Get the new couch from Paul's Aunt Marsha & Uncle Larry's home and take out the old beaten up one out of the house.

I know there is more, I just can't think of them all.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's conversations like this that make me laugh... Via MSN Messenger. (The picture/ icon was of me and Bengie of the San Francisco Giants):

Dr. Darrick: who's the guy in the pic with u
Manda: oh. a baseball player i met at the game this weekend...
Dr. Darrick: ok, thot if u were cheeting on your bf putting your pic with the new guy on messenger not too smart
Manda: lol yeah right. paul was the one who took the picture
Dr. Darrick: is he a giant?
Manda: yea he is their catcher (the guy in the picture)
Dr. Darrick: oh.. i like cathcers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I don't know if I mentioned that the baseball game was real fun on Saturday. More later, after work.


And here it is... TaDa!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

She said "I love you" and he replied back "I know"...

Currently uploading the photos from yesterday. I need to find some time to put all my photos on one account. I have 4 different locations (3 photo bucket, and 1 at adobe photo shop express) and I just wish I could find some place big enough to have them all. Anywho... once the photos are finished uploading, I'll post some of them.

School.... So far...

ARCC ART 390 Ceramics Fall 2003 A 3.00
ARCC ENGWR 300 College Composition Fall 2003 C 3.00
ARCC FITNS 392 Yoga Fall 2003 A 1.00
ARCC JOUR 310 Mass Media and Society Spring 2004 A 3.00
ARCC MATH 100 Elementary Algebra Spring 2004 C 5.00
ARCC SPAN 401 Elementary Spanish Spring 2004 C 4.00
ARCC ARTH 310 Modern Art Fall 2004 A 3.00
ARCC PSYC 356 Human Sexuality Fall 2004 C 3.00
ARCC SPEECH 301 Speech Communication Fall 2004 D 3.00
ARCC ARTPH 305 Digital Photography Spring 2008 A 3.00
SCCC POLS 301 Intro to Govt: U.S. Spring 2008
SCCC COMM 331 Group Discussion Summer 2008
ARCC ARTH 302 Stone Age-Middle Age Fall 2008
CRCC ARTH 332 Asian Art Fall 2008
SCCC MATH 120 Intermediate Algebra Fall 2008

ARC- American River College
CRC- Consumes River College
SCC- Sacramento City College

"I only cheer for former Angels players..."


I had so much fun today. But I am tired and will tell more in the morning. (promise). I got to meet Bengie Molina today at the Giants game... I look like the biggest dork... (cause I moved down and made Paul shoot like this). So, here is the teaser photo.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My body is your body... I won't tell anybody///

Woo hoo!!! Something that made me happy to see... We Are Scientist are playing in town! Score!

  • Saturday July 5 2008
    The Blue Lamp Sacramento, California, USA

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Written by God herself & handed down to the greatest band in the world...

Things I like love/ Things I don't like:

+ Knowing that in a few more weeks, they are doing an exhibit on Frida Kahlo at the SF MOMA in June. It makes me real happy to hear that. Now I just need to figure out when I can head back into the city and spend some time looking at all the wonderful things.

+/- Watching 'The Office'. WTF with Jan being pregnant? And Pam saying that she thought Toby "was cute" once? Andy proposing to Angela? And the new girl taking Toby's place? And how Jim didn't propose to Pam even though the timing was perfect!!! Ahhhh, so many things I could talk about. It's like the show saves all the good things to happen on the last episode.

-And since I am on the subject of shows; WTF with Warrick on CSI? I knew he was gonna leave the show, but did it have to be like that? I had a feeling that what happened was going to happen. I think it was not only the camera angles and shots of the scene, but also the music had this sad tone to it. Any who, Greg is still on the show... That does make me happy.

+ Today, the Supreme Court ruled against the ban on gay marriage. Needless to day, the boss man was very happy. Thus, makes me a happy girl as well.

+ I want to live in the Presidio. I just wish the homes didn't cost so freaking much. One day, I want to have a home just like those in the area... Well, the nicer ones built in the early 1900's (not the crappy homes that were built in the late 60's and on). I love the Spanish style homes. I always have. Its my dream house... One day, one day. I know I am gonna be in either San Francisco, Sacramento or Los Angeles... Probably Los Angeles or Sacramento more... My 2 home towns.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We have 200 couches where you can sleep tight///

  • I have a headache... And I hope nothing bad will happen from taking 6 aspirins in one shot.
  • Tennis is fun for like 10 minutes... Then causes headaches. None the less, I know I am no Venus or Serena Williams... (duh)
  • It's hotter then a mother fucker. And it's only going to get worse as the weeks goes on.
  • We are going to a baseball game on Saturday. Giants vs White Sox. I got tickets on the 3rd base line... Pictures and a huge blog will follow soon.
  • 2 more days to go. 'Bout fucking time.
  • No class tomorrow!!!
  • Thinking of voting for John McClane for president... Jack Bauer would be a bad ass VP. If only that was remotely possible.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's a party tonight & ooh she's so excited... Tell me who's invited: you, your friends and my dick///

Random notes from the desk of: _______________________

  • I turned in my Poly Sci final today. I don't think I did that well on the paper but I was proud of it and I had to turn it in. I also was volunteered by my teacher to go up and present what I did my paper on and talked about it for a while. I hate talking in front of groups of people I don't know. Now all I have left is to study for the actual final test which is next week. I need to do well on this final or else.
  • I want to take Paul to a baseball game sometime this month. The A's games are much cheaper but I think we would have fun going to see a Giants game too. I think we might see a Giants game this week and an A's game in 2 weeks or vice versa.
  • One of my patients at work told me that her and her boyfriend are getting married. She said that Jerry, her bf, proposed on Friday. She is a nice lady. She totally deserves it. She said that they are gonna have a simple wedding... Speaking since she is Jewish and he is Buddhist.
  • I bought a tennis racket today and I also got some new "work out" clothes (which are not gonna turn in to "lounging" clothes). Paul and I are gonna try to go play a few times this week. I figure that I need to get my lazy bum moving and more active then I currently am. I suppose any exercise is better than none at this point.

Monday, May 12, 2008


I got a hair cut yesterday... Its nice to have the spunky me back.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


To Mom,

Happy Mother's Day... 24 years and counting. You're the best.

Amanda Ruth

No I don't want to read your thoughts anymore///

Things I hate:

-Saturday Night Live is not funny at all to me anymore. I don't know why I subject myself to watching it. I keep thinking that there might be some nugget of hope left on the show. I like seeing the bands that they have. Some are pretty good. Tonight it was My Morning Jacket, a few weeks ago Gnarls Barkley was on. And I remember others like Arcade Fire. The skits are just so pathetic. I swear they stole at least 3 jokes from 'The Office' and used them. I feel so embarrassed for them sometimes. The only good skit last nigh was one for MacGruber.

-The stupid
Komen Sacramento Race for the Cure was today. Last year, the race was inside the Cal Expo fairgrounds. This year, things changed. As you can see from the wonderful map, they raced right by my fucking apartment!!! I was awoken at 7am to people running and being loud outside. I tried to put my mp3 player on and get back to sleep so I could go to my Photography final (which all I had to do was turn in my portfolio, which all I did was upload the photos online to photo bucket... I just wrote the web address on a piece of paper, put it into a box and walked out). I ended up only getting about 10 more minutes of sleep when Paul woke up all grumpy about the noise outside. By 8am, there was a shitty DJ out on the corner of Heritage and Response (which is the intersection that we live directly off of) and about 50 feet away from that, was some drummers... Taiko Drumming actually. I think there were about 6 guys in a row just beating the crap out of those drums. I couldn't park on the street, Paul and I had to park across the street in some parking lot that belong to these office buildings and also run the risk of getting a ticket. Traffic also sucked after the event. We couldn't leave out apartment till about 10am when all the runners were starting to die down a bit.

-When we left home, I took Paul with me to my class so I could turn in my final. Paul waited in the car since I was only gonna be gone for about 5 minutes. We then decided to head over to a park and have a picnic and read some of our books since it was a nice day outside. We got some sandwiches from this restaurant/ catering company called Selland's in East Sacramento off 54th and H St (I think). I got a tuna sandwich on chibata and Paul got a tri tip sandwich and a half pound of mac and cheese to share. We went to
McKinley Park and ate and read some of our books. it was real peaceful out there... Then across the street, I got a parking ticket!!! Totally lame. [Edit-We also saw Mayoral Candidate Kevin Johnson canvasing the area while we were at the park reading our books.]

-We looked at apartment today in the Midtown/ Downtown area. One was on 14
th and P St. called the Fremont Mews. There was a one bedroom that looked so nice and roomy but the bedroom was kinda small. We looked at some lofts off 22nd and S St. near the Sacramento Bee HQ called Whiskey Hill Lofts but they weren't that nice looking and kinda pricey. Then we looked at some town homes off 17th & D St. called Washington Park Village. They were nice. I only liked one of the 3 floor plans called "The Maybeck" but I am not ready go be buying a house... Plus, I want a yard to garden and for a dog someday.

I am trying to get my Poly Sci final done. I don't think it is gonna turn out very well but I just want to get it done and over with. I just have to make sure that it is at least 6 pages long. I am so far at 4 pages. I think if I keep making my sentences longer, it will make me sound like I know what I am talking about.

I am gonna stay up a little bit to see if I can catch The Soup at 2am... I am watching some music videos on the digital cable... There are 2 Interpol videos on there. One for '
Heinrich Maneuver' and 'No I in Threesome. I can't resist Carlos D. *sigh* What a dream boat... I need to make a list of guys who I think are attractive; like guys from bands, athletes, celebrities etc.

Ugh. Time for sleep. Mothers day is today! :) What a long ass post!

Oh, and I sold some more things on!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

breast cancer bewareness... (cause having tits isnt aware enough)

The god-damn Breast Cancer race is finally over... We have been up since about 7am with over 25,000 people running right outside our fuckin' apartment... Guys with drums drumming real loud... And a crappy rent-a-DJ playing shitty old 70's music...

Fucking hell.



In a few hours, I will be heading to my photography class for the last time (hopefully) to "turn in" my final.I had a great plan originally. I was gonna go to my class and bring in some prints to my teacher. I thought that the way I cropped the pictures on photo shop would also look the same when I get the prints made. So, I went to Walgreen's and got 12 8X10 prints made... And, like I had feared, they butchered my prints; $15 later, I decided just to put all the photos online and make a new photo bucket account. Hopefully, this will be the last and final photo bucket account where I put all my finished pieces of work. We'll see, I guess.

Tomorrow is the stupid breast cancer race... And its happening outside out fucking home! Totally lame. More about that later

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Somethings gotta give...

I think I need to re-evaluate what I want from life and where I am in life currently. Lately, I have not been happy with things (I would never admit that in person, but it is truly how I feel deep inside, I just don't know how to properly convey my emotions in to words)... Mostly, certain people who I am acquainted with and the situations I am currently in. I know I am going to have to cut ties with some people I know and just shift my life around to make things work. I just don't like how things are anymore. I feel like I am loosing direction every passing second.

I keep bouncing between the thought of sticking with school and eventually getting my BFA in Art History. I don't think I have been as passionate about anything in school as I am with Art History. I only took history of modern art because it looked easy and I knew some of the art that would be discussed but I didn't think that it would become my passion ... But then after reading things like this, and realizing that I am not the best student in the world, I wonder if this is even right for someone like me. All I know is that I really don't like thinking about working in an office like this for more years... At least, not till I am in my late 20's. If I continue with school, I want to have my effin' degree by the time before I turn 30. I just hate making decisions like this. If only it was like Futurama where they give you a chip implanted in your hand with the job you are going to have.

I don't have any friends. I honestly don't think you could count my roommate, Josh, as a friend. I have known Josh for many years... We met on Live Journal and also happened to go to the same college and that's that. Since he moved in with Paul and I last January, I am noticing that I don't know anything about him. I have given up on keeping in touch with my last friend from high school. The only reason why I stopped talking to him is pretty simple yet petty at the same time. I was not only frustrated with trying to get in touch with him via text messages, short phone calls, and the all too pathetic myspace messages. To be honest, its not like I called or messages him that many times. I gave it a half assed attempt to say the least. I am just jealous. Out of nowhere, my best friend comes back to Sacramento after living in Utah (and the only reason why he went there was because of some stupid girl) and also brings that stupid girl with him back to Sacramento... Then breaks up with her and immediately starts to date another girl that we had went to high school with and with in a month, gets new girlfriend pregnant and then decided that its a good idea to marry her. I don't think I have really talked to him since his wedding in October 07. I knew that the day they married, I lost him forever. I think that is why I was so quiet at his wedding. I sat alone with Paul... I felt like an outsider. I don't think it has anything to do with jealousy (like some people would like to think) of the wife taking him away from me because I once had a crush on him in high school... I am sad that we don't talk any more... Now the baby is on the way any day now. I just wish him the best of luck.

I just knew where this thing with Paul and I was heading. I know I shouldn't be rushing into anything given my track record with dating... Being used by countless numbers of guys and in turn, using them too... Being engaged, cheated on, lied to and betrayed; you would think that I would take a break from relationships... Come this July (technically, July 25th) Paul and I will have been together for 2 years (which is the longest I have been with one person... the first guy I dated out of high school, Patrick the guy who ended up at Chico State and who turned out to be a huge man-whore, is currently in the lead with 1 year, 11 months). I don't know where he sees us in the future. I do want to eventually get married... I am not in a rush tho. And I do want a family even though I have a problem with little kids. Sometimes I wonder if he is the one I am supposed to end up with. If he is my soul mate... Sometimes, I wonder why he stays with me when I am so much drama sometimes. We fight so much sometimes. I am just so confused. Then again, I am half to blame. Maybe I am more to blame then he is.

I need a vacation.

Things I like love: #547...

Things I currently enjoy:

-Selling things on (only because I make money and I am also getting rid of things from my past that I have no more need for)
-Heading over to @ 10pm each night to see what new item is being sold (and praying for a woot-off)

On a totally unrelated note, I sold some more things via and the two Cd's were a Limp Bizkit album and Andrew W.K. album... Since I listen to the Cd's before I ship them off, the Limp Bizkit one made me laugh because I still cant believe that I liked them so much at one point... The Andrew W.K. one was really good... It is the type of music I would listen to if I was going to the gym to get me pumped up.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Schools out... For... Ever!

Was up till midnight registering for my Summer and Fall '08 classes (if it weren't for Paul, it would have taken me longer)...

Summer '08:
Sacramento City College- COMM 331 Group Discussion (Tu Th 6:00PM - 9:05PM)

Fall '08:
Sacramento City College- MATH 120 Intermediate Algebra (Online Class, thank goodness; Full Semester)
Consumes River College- ARTH 332 Asian Art (W 6:00PM - 9:05PM; Full Semester)
American River College- ARTH 302 Stone Age-Middle Age (Tu Th 6:00PM - 9:10PM beginning in the middle of the semester 10/18/2008 - 12/12/2008 )

Yes, 2 Art History classes next semester. I need to keep on top of the classes. Hopefully, it shouldn't be too hard to manage. (knock on wood)

Grand total: $298.00 (That $500+ bonus I got will help pay for my classes and hopefully books will not cost me an arm and a leg)

I am actually getting serious with school (surprisingly) and Paul thinks I can be at Sac State by Fall '09 if I play my cards right. Wish me luck.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Go Chorizo!!!

Some photos from our afternoon in Stockton watching the Ports vs. the Modesto Nuts...

We ended up getting seats right behind home plate (which was interesting because I could actually see how the batter was hitting and how the pitcher was throwing them in)...

We ended up walking around the park by the 6th inning and sat on the other side (near the 3rd base line) and I spotted the mascot lounging around...
Little kids love those damn Muppet like creatures...
I think this was at the bottom of the 10th inning... It went a few innings with no one scoring...
This was the 2nd to last hitter at the bottom of the 11th inning... I think I like this picture enough to use for my photography final... Maybe?

I ended up taking about 50+ photos... I need to go thru them and upload them online sometime... Once I finish my photography project and also my stupid Poly Sci paper too (which I need to finish this weekend or I am gonna be in deep shit!!!)

Viva Stockton...

Paul & I are not gonna go to the Maker Faire in San Mateo... We did the math, and it was gonna cost us over $50 plus food and gas and bridge tolls...

We are gonna keep it real and go see the Stockton Ports Single A team play... Fun times.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Final Mix!

The new mixed CD goes as followed:

[ ] = original artist

-'Keep The Car Running' Foo Fighters [Arcade Fire]
-'Shadowplay' The Killers [Joy Division]
-'Never, Never Gonna Give You Up' Cake [Barry White]
-'Jolene' The White Stipes [Dolly Parton]
-'Leaving on a Jet Plane' Me First & The Gimmie Gimmies [John Denver]
-'In A Big Country' Dashboard Confessional [Big Country]
-'Stuck in the Middle With You' Eagles of Death Metal [Stealers Wheel]
-'Drive' Deftones [The Cars]
-'Working Class Hero' Green Day [John Lennon]
-'Mama Told Me (Not to Come)' The Wolfgang Press [Three Dog Night]
-'Pretend We're Dead' Cansei de Ser Sexy [L7]
-'Never Say Never' Queens of The Stone Age [Romeo Void]
-'Say It Right' Bloc Party [Nelly Furtado]
-'Do You Think I'm Sexy' Paris Hilton [Rod Stewart]
-'War Pigs' Cake [Black Sabbath]
-'Lake of Fire' Nirvana [Meat Puppets]
-'Stairway to Heaven' Rodrigo y Gabriela [Led Zeppelin]

off to class now!

In a room without a window in the corner I found truth///

Iron Man was awesome. O.M.F.G

PS: The song "Shadowplay" by The Killers was originally done by Joy Division... Its added to my cover song list.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy, and alcohol///

So, I have had the worst day at work. No need for details... Lets just say that I got yelled at for something that I know shouldn't have been a big deal... Some car almost caused me to get into an accident by my house...

When I got home, I immediately took a shot of the Jägermeister that was in the freezer. Since then, I have had 2 shots of Jägermeister, 1 of Jack Daniels, and too much of Paul's Manischewitz Wine that he bought for a passover dinner that we have yet to have. Needless to say, I have had a lot to drink... I don't know how i have managed to type like i am tho. God bless spell check. I think my head is swaying from left to right... And something like that. I tried to tell my coworkr about it via tect messages... and then when I got to thew computer, I sent her the floowuing:

A: yah, i am not cool. but ther is nothing i can do about it
S: what did he even yell at u for? he yelled at me for not sending u back to him too hahaha
A: lame. he was telling me that i gave him attitude. and that i was fucking up on phone numbers and how i was pretty muvh beiung sassy and all with attitude im trying to drown it out tho. i have had like 6 shots of different things so far since I've gotten home
S: you're sassy? whatever. not like he doesn't mess up ever or give psycho attitude. ignore it drink it up!!!! have fun at iron man
A: i know i know. i was thinging the samn thing too.yeah, i think we are gonna walkt to the movies cause i conned paul to drink too. i am hopeing that i can some how vomit the thought of you know whoi out
S: yea u better walk!!! i can tell by your typing!!! :)
A: i know
S: don't let me see u two on cops in any street fights on arden either
A: i am not even really thinkiung about how i type. if you see me on cops, then we all have a problem. you for watching it and me for being that supid for being on it
S: i only watch the you tube clips of it if it's something good. :P k I'm signing out he wants to watch me do the backup. have fun! walk safe
A: like the trannies? Amanda: i will
S: yes the ones that remind me of Dr.d. k ta ta
: late1

I think I am gonna pass out next to my Paul. I hope I don't pass out while walking to the movies. Weak.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I'll finish this shit this month, day ten///

Things I love/ Things I hate:

When I hear a song by a band that I like being used in a commercial... There was a commercial for one of the new Cadillacs some time ago that used the song "Stars" by an obscure mid 90's band called Hum (which I really loved a long time ago... An old boyfriend knew that I love it so much, he put it on a mixed CD that he made for my 19th birthday back in 2002)... Apple used a song by a band that I liked but once that commercial/ song was played for about the 100th time in the span of a few short months, the song lost all possible meaning to me (the song being "Music is my Hot Hot Sex" by Cansei de Ser Sexy or as the lame scenesters like to call it CSS... I tell you, they are a pretty bad ass band from Brazil). About a month ago or so, I heard an awesome song used by Nike for their new "My Better is Better Then Your Better" campaign which I thought for some reason that it was a new Gnarls Barkley song, but it turned out to be by Saul Williams called "List of Demands (Reparations)" which I think it probably the most inspiring song I've heard in a long time. It's one of those songs that I would totally add to a play list of songs to work out to if, that is, I actually attempted to work out. Sprint used a song by Architecture In Helsinki called "Souvenirs" for one of their new innovations or something like that. Today, while I was doing something not all to productive online and while Paul was watching Lost on ABC, I heard a song by a band that I really like called "After Hours" by We Are Scientist... I really did get happy because I know some people won't know what is the song unless they are total nerds like me and can hear faint things like the tune of a particular song (I think that would be my super hero ability if I was ever one). Anyways, I got to thinking right now of maybe making a mixed CD of all the songs that I like that are also used by commercials...

I lost track of this post now... Oh, yea. I love the fact that I get to hear these songs that I really enjoy but sometimes, it just totally turns me off to them. I think that all these bands are awesome and amazing but I cant help but think that having a song in a nation wide/ world wide promotion will end up killing them not only from me but from other fans/ potential fans everywhere. But, like I said earlier, I think I am totally gonna make a mixed CD of those songs now.