Friday, May 30, 2008

Aly, walk right out of my dreams... Into my arms///

I ended up listening to The Raveonettes latest album called LustLustLust and totally fell in love with it sooo much. I listened to most of the album while making pizza dough at 9pm last night. My favorite song is track 1 'Aly, Walk With Me.' Its very dream like. <3 Anywho, I only got about half way with my parents artwork present... I didn't know how hard painting was till last night. This is after about 2 hours of painting tho. I just hope if turns out as good as I hope it will. I know that they will just be happy that I made them something from the heart... And they have an Asian theme around the house anyways, so hopefully it will be a win win for me. Stupid camera phone don't do the picture much justice!!!

I hope to have it all finished before tomorrow evening. We are all (Mom, Dad, the brothers Matt & Orion and their girlfriends, myself and Paul) going to dinner at Buca di Beppo and then taking family photos (just me and my family... not the significant others). Should be fun, I'll take the camera just incase.