Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ugh. Stupid t-mobile... I cant do my 365 till their server comes back online. In the mean time, I'm watching Be Kind Rewind with Paul and finishing my plastic bag.

Friday, June 27, 2008

06.27.08 - The project...

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Thank goodness that this week is over. Only 4 more days for next week then 4th of July on Friday... 3 day weekend! After that, I work 3 more days and Summer Vacation starts on Thursday! It is going to suck knowing that my paycheck in the middle of the month is going to be pretty small, but having 2 weeks off feels like it is so worth it at this point. My paycheck next week should be pretty big considering that we have collected over $40k... And I get 1% = $400 at least.

I haven been working on my crocheting project again. I have been crocheting old plastic bags (I want to take them back to the store and recycle them but I hear they melt them). I have made a few bags already. I don't think they are strong enough to use as new grocery bags, but I think I will use one as a new bag (I hate the word "purse")

Thursday, June 26, 2008

06.26.08 - The draft...

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NBA Draft... Believe it or not, I actually watched the whole thing. I did that once a few years ago. I think it was the year that Kevin Martin was picked by the Kings. It was probably the one last good pick that the Kings have made in the last 5 years. I was happy to see 3 UCLA players (Russell Westbrook as the 4th to Seattle, Kevin Love as the 5th to Memphis & Luc Richard Mbah a Moute as the 37th pick to Milwaukee) get drafted. Michael Beasley (Paul's cat has the same name) was picked 2nd... It was fun. Spending time with Paul, talking about which team is going to be good this year... My bet is on Portland Trailblazers. They got a ton of trades and deals with other teams this year. I'll take them FTW.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

06.25.08 - The girls...

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It my girls. I have been thinking of getting a bigger tank for the Turtle Girls to live in. I just don't know if they will get along together in one tank. Last year, the bigger one (Minerva) bit the smaller ones (Mona) feet real bad. Mona was bleeding bad and her feet never really healed that well when I put them into separate tanks. Trust me, I would love to have one tank instead of two tanks (which is more work to clean... more filters to buy... more light bulbs and accessories) but it is gonna cost quite a bit. *sigh* Dare to dream.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

06.24.08 - The commute...

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Tuesday... Lame. No patients in the morning is the only thing that I looked forward to. One of the easier days of the week... I am still counting down the days till Summer vacation!!! Today, I saw Dad on the freeway (CCF... Capital City Freeway... Business Loop 80... Biz 80... etc) on my way to work. I don't know if you can see him (I really did try to take a better photo of him but doing so while driving isn't that easy as you would think). Sometimes, I'll see him this way once a week at least... I think its fun. At least I can see my Dad more often then some do.

Monday, June 23, 2008

06.23.08 - The wake-up...

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What a way to start a week... Like usual, too lazy to actually make some breakfast, I managed to save my Monster Energy drink that I bought this past weekend and I just never ended up drinking till today. Trust me, I needed it. I only wish I had more of these around the house... Good thing the corner store around the block from work does. $2 each!!! Manda = 1; Restlessness = 0

Start 365...

I am thinking of starting a Project 365 soon... I think I can pull it off.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Now I'm a little teapot short & stout... This is shake-up in around me know's talk, no doubt///

I forgot to write that I am getting more songs on my new mixed CD idea of songs from commercials... Here is what I have so far:

-'Spaz' NERD [From the new Microsoft Zune commercial]

-'Music Is My Hot Hot Sex' CSS [The Apple Touch commercial]

-'Shut Up and Let Me Go' The Ting Tings [Another Apple commercial]

-'Don't Speak (I Came To Make A Bang!)' Eagles Of Death Metal [Nike Soccer commercial]

-'List Of Demands (Reparations)' Saul Williams [Another Nike commercial]

-'Such Great Heights' The Postal Service [UPS commercial]

-'Souvenirs' Architecture In Helsinki [Sprint commercial]

-'After Hours' We Are Scientist [Sony camcorder commercial]

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Closed circuit cameras... Before you're comatose///

I miss Paul. Corny... Yes, I know. Nothing seems as fun when he is gone... Not playing the video games... Listening to music... Or even waiting to see which item will be next on the woot-off. He is in Los Angels this weekend to visit family... His little sister, Lauren, is graduating from high school as we speak; his cousin, Katherine, is graduating from San Diego State this weekend, and his Aunt who lives in Austria is in town for his Grandmothers memorial and to get her headstone set in place at the cemetery she is buried in. I have the privilege of picking Paul up from the airport late Sunday night. I will be a grumpy bear if his flight is delayed like usual.

So, what has been going on in the world of me, you might ask? Currently, I am at home. I dropped my Public Speaking class today. I thought about it for the last day or so. I am just not comfortable with the class. The group I was in (that I feel bad for abandoning) was pretty cool. One of the girls went to the same high school as me long ago, too. I dropped the class online. I don't regret it. I decided that I will take another class come this Fall... Which brings my total up to about 4 classes and about 14 units next semester. 3 art classes and 1 math class. I think I am up for the challenge. The classes will be Into to Art, Asian Art, Medieval Art and Algebra Math (which I hate with a passion). I think it will be better off this way. I just feel like I let down Paul. I asked him if he was mad that I decided to drop this class, he said that he wasn't; I can tell that he is slightly. I have to kick ass this next semester. I wish that work wasn't preventing me from devoting my time solely to school and getting my degree.

I should be doing other things... I have been listening to Radiohead since 7pm (I think)... The same 2 songs actually. 'All I Need' & 'Jigsaw Falling into Place'. I keep playing out things in my mind... Like if I were to do a music video, what would it be like? I cant possibly describe what thoughts pop into my head while the song plays... Every time the song starts, I just close my eyes and disappear into something else. Maybe it has something to do with the lyrics, I hear that song and think of the Amanda I once was and how I am nothing like her anymore... Whore, no more:

"Just as you take my hand
Just as you write my number down
Just as the drinks arrive
Just as they play your favourite song
As your blather disappears
No longer wound up like a spring
Before you've had too much
Come back in focus again

The walls abandon shape
They've got a Cheshire cat grin
All blurring into one
This place is on a mission
Before the night owl
Before the animal noises
Closed circuit cameras
Before you're comatose

Before you run away from me
Before you're lost between the notes
The beat goes round and round
The beat goes round and round
You never really got me there
I just pretended that I had
What's the point of instruments
Words are a sawed off shotgun

Come on and let it out
Come on and let it out
Come on and let it out
Come on and let it out

Before you run away from me
Before you're lost between the notes
Just as you take the mic
Just as you dance, dance, dance

Jigsaw falling into place
There is nothing to explain
You eye each other as you pass
She looks back, you look back
Not just once
Not just twice
Wish away the nightmare
Wish away the nightmare
You've got it on you can feel it on your back
It on you can feel it on your back
Jigsaw falling into place"
Re-reading it, I don't like who I was before I met Paul... Constantly running from guy to guy and sleeping with the next guy who would have me. If the old me had a theme song, it would be that song. Hands down. Maybe I should make an "Old Manda" mixed CD. Ideas ideas.

Arg. I think I will play some games or clean up a little bit. I sold one of Paul's old N64 games today. Someone paid $17 for it. Manda = win. Mario Kart. I also need to work on my lame mixed CD... Yeah right.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i think i am gonna drop my public speaking class.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The times... They are a-changing. Lots of things happened this weekend. I hope I can remember them all.

Friday night, Paul and I spent most of the night playing with the PS3. We got through some of the new Ratchet and Clank game. I apparently fell asleep while waiting my turn to play the game. Paul, as the game said, played till sometime around 3am. He got thru more of the game.

Saturday, I spent all day playing on the PS3. I think I played from 11am till about 7pm.

[I totally forgot what else I wanted to write... fuck]

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i wish i knew who was viewing this blog...

tell me who you are!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


One day, I want to go to some real big festivals... like Bonnaroo. Ugh. A girl can dream.

< > =

Time to play with my brand new toy.
So far, we have had fun exploring what we now have.

Manda < PS3

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I think I'd like to know ya, know ya///

Some things before I go to sleep:

-Curled my hair and liked how I looked for once. I am thinking of doing this from now on.
-Went to lunch @ the Cheesecake Factory for Sara's birthday. I love the cheesecake!
-Finally sold more things off One was a book I had bought for my Digital Photography class last semester (which I didn't really need or use at all) and a Coldplay CD that I never listened to much.
-Having some major drama with another user... I hate people like this. Media mail takes longer but its cheeper... He is the first person I have EVER had a problem with.
-Decided to buy the stupid school book for my Group Discussion class so I can read over the weekend and then (hopefully) return it sometime next week and get my $90 back... I just need my book I bought online to get here asap.
-Starting to enjoy my group discussion class.
-Celtics beat the Lakers... Oh yea. 3 to 1. I want the Celtics to win in Los Angeles. I think it will make the victory more sweet.
-Went out with Paul to get a PS3 and the new Ratchet & Clank game. We got it at Wal-Mart and they also gave us a gift card for $100 which I used to buy the Ratchet and Clank game. I told paul that I would get him the new Metal Gear Solid 4 game and a new/ 2nd controler when he is out of town next week.

So, that means no cabin adventure for this weekend... It's all about us being total gaming dorks now...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cripple fight...

Yet another lazy day. Work was good like usual. Came home, Paul cooked dinner again like usual. we went to Circuit City to get Paul's father a new mp3 player. Customer service sucked, like usual. I got a new carrier for my mp3 player. I like it. I think it will work out. We then went to Game Stop to see when the new PS3 bundle pack comes out tomorrow, its the one with Metal Gear Solid 4 and an 80g system. Paul might go get one, I unfortunately have class tomorrow starting at 6pm till 9pm. I am kinda dreading this class but it looks like all we are gonna do is present different chapter of our text book... I don't like to talk in front of people for that long of time...

Ugh. I wish I had more time to update... Maybe sometime tomorrow morning. I hope.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Have your people call my people...

Lets see...

This weekend (in a nut shell):

Went out with Paul after work to see Kung Fu Panda. I love the Asian culture, action movies (Jackie Chan is one of my favorites) and animations, so I knew I was up for some good times. I should have left work at 5pm and headed into traffic but it didn't help that I waited till work was done to get an adjustment by Dr. I sat in the room for about 20 minutes waiting to get adjusted so I could leave (the reason why I got adjusted was because my left side has been hurting since last Tuesday and he saw me earlier that morning and it helped a lot, so I thought that getting one before I left would be good for the weekend, which, I was wrong). I think I was very close to just walking out, but I waited, got adjusted and then left. When I was stuck in traffic, I tried to get Paul to get me some regular clothes (which he couldn't cause my closet is huge) so when I got in the apartment, I took 2 minutes to get changed and back out the door. We managed to have enough money in change (yes, including quarters) to see the last matinee showing at the theater by the house. We love the movie. The animation was really done well. There were some scenes that I forgot that it was a cartoon. I had fun.

After the movie, we continued the 'panda' theme and went to Panda Express for dinner. We had fun talking about the movie over dinner, remembering our favorite scenes and quotes. When we were done, we went to the mall so that I could get a new t-shirt for the Angels/ A's game the following day. I ended up getting 2 shirts (they were on sale 2 for $30) one was a red Angels shirt and the other was a dark blue San Diego Chargers shirt that looks like Shawne Merriman's jersey. We then drove to Borders to kill some time (since it was only 9pm). We hung out some, I was looking for books to read and Paul was looking for a book that I wanted to read but he and I forgot what it was called. While there, we saw some crotchety old douche bag yell at a father who's infant baby (must have been a month old at least) was crying. Poor dad was watching his infant and young toddler and was attempting to watch his kids while the mom was shopping. I ended up getting a book called 'The Black Dahlia' by James Ellroy and an audio book of David Sedaris' 'Naked'.

The game on Saturday was a blast. We got lost on the way to the Oakland Coliseum somehow by taking the wrong freeway. How many freeways with the number 80 do we need?. I got to see Casey Kotchman during batting practice along with Vlad, Torii, Weaver and others. I even ended up staying up till about 2am making a double sided sign to hold up during the game too (I watched 'Clueless' too while crafting my sign)...

Casey didn't end up playing till the top of the 9th inning. But the boys won. There was fireworks after the game which made their victory much more sweet for me. The seats were awesome too. We were in the 10th row right off the 1st base line. I only wish that Casey was there for me to swoon over. I did take a bunch of pictures and I just need to edit them.

Sunday, we just lounged around. Watching the last game of their series. They ended up loosing in the 12th inning, but Casey did play. I want to take Paul to see a game at Angels Stadium in Anaheim someday. *sigh* One day. I know I will have a blast there.

Any who, we might go to Paul's aunt/uncle's cabin this weekend and come back on Father's Day to see my Papa.

I have much more to write... But I'll save it till sometime tomorrow. I start school tomorrow too. *joy*

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Angels v. A's

Here is the Galleries so far...


Feed back much appreciated.

I wish I had time to update on my wonderful weekend. But, maybe I will get to it some other time. Maybe.


So, I am currently uploading and editing all the photos I had taken yesterday during the Angels A's game last night. Here is one of my favorites tho... My 'boyfriend' from the Angels, 1st baseman Casey Kotchman. What a dreamboat.

More later. :)

Oh yea...

Angels won!
I guess that is why they are #1 in the AL West, eh?


Me: Waiting for the fireworks after the game... Total 'wonky' eye.

More + photos later in the morning... Time for sleepy time.



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I suck at spelling, apparently.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Go Angels!

Off to the Angels game...

Dragon Warrior

OMG, Kung Fu Panda was awesome!!!

More in the morning.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

drama today.

i don't want to talk about it.

Index of/media...


I love how stupid my xboyfriend, I will call him 'PG' for argument sake, is. He was the first guy I dated when I was 18. He has posted lots of things online that are personal... I would hate for that to get into the wrong hands... If only he knew how stupid he is. He put up some odd things, like several screen caps of a test he took to see if he is a slut (which, I could have told you he was... a few years ago, after we had broken up, we went out to a bar to 'catch up on life' and he tried to compare how many people each of us had slept with... competition), incriminating photos of him and several random people, and even personal insurance info... Ugh, I would never put up nude photos that anyone can see... Geez.


Not like I was purposely looking for photos, I clicked on a link and then... BAM, penis city. *gross* I think I just made myself more sick now.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Like a shot gun to the back of the head...

My stomach hurts. It feels like someone has punched me in the stomach. It has gotten better since yesterday but it still hurts bad.

We took Poppy to the doctor today. We met with one of the Vets who was really nice. She gave us some ointment to put on her eye 3 times a day. She also said that she would call us in a week so see how she is doing.

Other then that, tomorrow we are going to tour a new office space that the Dr is looking at purchasing. I hope it looks good. From what I have heard, its real nice... We will see.

More tomorrow. I am gonna put that cream in her eye and head off to sleepy time.

Ill be waiting, with a gun & a pack of sandwiches///

I am thinking of doing yet another mixed CD. I think I need to finish with my other mixed ideas before I get too carried away with this. I got the idea some time ago while driving around with Paul one night listening to the latest Radiohead album 'In Rainbows'. I kept thinking that they have so many songs, I should put the ones I like into a mix. Any who, I am just gonna put my favorite songs on a CD... Maybe send them out to Woman. Who knows. Here are some of the songs I have in mind (in no particular order, duh):

  • Pulk/ Pull Revolving Doors
  • Paranoid Android
  • Nice Dream
  • Just
  • No Surprise
  • Like Spinning Plates
  • Jigsaw Falling Into Place
  • Kid A
  • 15 Step
  • Nude
  • Idioteque
  • Talk Show Host

Don't ask me which album the songs are on... I doubt I could tell you. I know there are more songs that I like off all their albums, but so far, these are the ones that I like the most. I am trying to get them all in a play list for the trip to Oakland this weekend. I know it will make the trip that much easier on all of us.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Here I go again///

Tomorrow, Poppy goes to the vet. I feel so sad for her. Her left eye is practically swollen shut and watery. She keeps sneezing and is so lethargic. She is so cute when she does sneeze, but I know deep down, she is so miserable. I am just hoping that the boss man will let me leave a little early to make sure she gets to her apt on time. Plus, since I-5 has been shut down on the north bound direction, traffic has been extra slow and crazy.

I voted. I only go to get those damn stickers. Plus, we voted in a fire station which was pretty cool too. We then went to get a burrito from Garibaldi's and watched the other patrons watch a soccer game and get way into it. We then went to Target and got some poster board so I can make that sign for the Angels game this weekend. The cool thing is that the poster board is 2 sided (one side is red and the other side is blue) so I am gonna make 2 different messages for the game.

Watching election results on TV is priceless. Apparently there was a huge branch that fell at Vallejos (the restaurant that Mayor Fargo is holding her "victory party"). All the news stations are covering that story despite the fact that Fargo probably wont win the who shebang. I voted for the bounty hunter... He reminded me of Dog. That's the only reason why I did it. No one said that I had to make a good choice when I vote, I voted at least. How many 24 year old can say that they have voted each and every time there was an election!? Shut up then.

PS: Obama is the presidential nominee for the democratic party... Makes my heart go boom... I am keeping that picture over my desk till he is the president! Here is my proof... I think I have had that picture over my desk since January of this year! Team Obama!!!


I <3 google!

Not like this is of any importance, but I went to to search my blog (vs. typing it in the address bar and have anyone using this computer later look at my blog), one of the first things that popped up was this page and a link to this page. WTF. Are more people reading this then I think?!?!


Monday, June 02, 2008

When I am king you will be first against the wall///


Tomorrow is the stupid Mayoral election. I am going to vote (I always do on any election, especially the presidential one coming up later this year) but I think I am going to vote for this one guy who is a Bail Bonds man (and I even think that he may have even spent some time in prison, hard core, huh?). I am just sick of seeing all these yard signs for Mayor Heather Fargo (for who my boss' boyfriend, Dale, is the campaign manager for) and the stupid bumper stickers (with the tacky juvenile font and design) and fundraisers (like one that my boss helped throw together for Heather at some gay club called Badlands called "Feathers for Heather" which had a theme of feather boas from what I understand). Anyways, I am just ready for this to be over with. Am I bitter? No, just tired of all these attack ads and stupid mailers and phone calls at all hours of the day. Tomorrow, it will be all quiet on the Western front. Finally.

I am not done with my painting yet. Soon tho. Promise. Here is yet another photo of whats been accomplished on it. I still think that Mom and Dad would will be proud to see this.

I just need to add some more color on the top panel and do one last touch up on the whole thing. Not bad for someone who can't paint for shit.

And, Paul and I are going to see the Angels vs the A's this weekend... He surprised me today with 2 tickets for us to see them in Oakland. 3 weeks ago, we saw the Giants and the White Sox (which was a ton of fun). They are tickets for the 10th row in section 108 near the 1st base line (so I can see Casey Kotchman and all his hotness). All I need now is to make a big ass sign out of poster board and with magic markers and glitter saying something stupid about how I hear the team or something like that.

I have tons of camera phone pictures I should post one day... Maybe tomorrow after I go vote. Maybe. Time to read and sleep. Stupid period. Be gone.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Time to head off to bed... And finish reading one book so I can head on to the next... And then return the first book to repeat the cycle again. hahaha ha

What's the point of instruments... Words are a sawed off shotgun///


I never got to finish that painting for Mom and Dad. I am gonna have to finish it sometime today and give it to them within the week. I just hope that they like it and appreciate it for all the hard work I put into it. I am also thinking of making more pictures like that. I guess I will have to wait and see. I need to get more small 5x7 canvas' too.

Today was fun. Took Miss Poppy to get her shots for her rabies renewal. I need to get her re-licensed with the City of Sacramento. Totally lame but the shot I got her was good for 3 years, so I don't have to go back there till some time in 2011! I'll be an old lady by then (well, technically 27, but still old to me).

We took our family photos which turned out awesome. I got the proofs via email not to long ago. I think the last time that the whole family got together for a traditional family photo (ones taken at a photography studio) was about 7 years ago... On my 18th birthday. Since then, we have all been busy with our own lives. My parents working, each one of us kids finishing high school and either heading into the workforce or in college... Its been hard to get us all together. We had fun tho. The photographer seemed to be too formal for my taste. Taking things a little too seriously. I think I could have done a better job there but, I don't work there, so yea.

We walked around the mall to kill some time after we took the photos. Paul even got me a mocha frappachino from Nordstrom's while he waited for the 5 of us to finish. We walked to Pottery Barn Crate and Barrel (apparently, Paul is reading this while I type and just had to correct me on the proper store we went to) and I got excited looking at place settings, glass ware, kitchen gadgets and bar accessories. We eventually headed over to Buca di Bepo for dinner with the family plus our significant others.

And dinner was something else. It was fun but slightly awkward at some points. It was nice to finally get to meet Matt's girlfriend. More about that later. Dad and I both took some pictures on our own cameras durring dinner, since my camera is in my car, it will have to wait till later in the day... And I have to ask Dad to email me those photos from his camera.

Before I go to sleep, I thought I would share a picture or 3 from the session today.

Yes, the pyramid. We saw this pose out in the waiting area and were talking about it for a bit. When the guy said that he wanted to try something fun, we choose this one.

The only reason why Orion is in the middle is because Matt and I were both wearing black tops. The bracelet I wore had skulls on it and I had only painted one finger nail white just because... Maybe to add some class to my style.

Originally, I was supposed to be in Orion's position sitting on Matt's back but I just couldn't get that pose right. Orion volunteered (since he was lighter too) and I tried to cover Orion's dark leg hair with my big head.

Would have been a better picture had the glare in my glasses not have been noticeable.

I was this|close to wearing a red top too... Sure glad that I didn't.

Any who, when we were done, Paul and I went to Border's to return some books and buy some new ones using the store credit he received. I got one on Frida Kahlo. I told Paul that once I get my own house, I am gonna fill the books shelves with modern art books; like Frida, Cezanne, Monet, Manet, van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, Mondrian, Matisse, Pollack and Kandinsky to name a few. One day. Ugh. A girl can dream.

Now I really will go to sleep. Paul and the cats are already waiting for me there.