Monday, January 18, 2010

I am so happy that it is finally raining here. Life is great. I couldn't ask for more.

30 minutes into the movie and power goes out. Weak.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

& to know you is hard & we wonder///

I thought it would be nice to see how good my grades are and have been. I am attempting to pull off 13 units next semester. I think I can make it happen since I am not working and would have plenty of time to get good grades.

Is it bad that I am actually excited?

College Course Description Term Grade Units
ARC ART 390 Ceramics Fall 2003 A 3.00
ARC ENGWR 300 College Composition Fall 2003 C 3.00
ARC FITNS 392 Yoga Fall 2003 A 1.00
ARC JOUR 310 Mass Media and Society Spring 2004 A 3.00
ARC MATH 100 Elementary Algebra Spring 2004 C 5.00
ARC SPAN 401 Elementary Spanish Spring 2004 C 4.00
ARC ARTH 310 Modern Art Fall 2004 A 3.00
ARC PSYC 356 Human Sexuality Fall 2004 C 3.00
ARC SPEECH 301 Speech Communication Fall 2004 D 3.00
ARC ARTPH 305 Digital Photography Spring 2008 A 3.00
SCC POLS 301 Intro to Govt: U.S. Spring 2008 C 3.00
ARC ARTH 302 Stone Age-Middle Age Fall 2008 A 3.00
SCC COMM 301 Intro Public Speaking Fall 2008 B 3.00
ARC ARTH 300 Introduction to Art Spring 2009 A 3.00
ARC ARTH 308 Renaissance Tradtn/Art Spring 2009 A 3.00
ARC ENGWR 301 College Comp & Lit Spring 2009 C 3.00
SCC MATH 120 Intermediate Algebra Summer 2009 B 5.00
ARC ART 300 Elementary Drawing and Comp Fall 2009 A 3.00
SCC HIST 311 History of the U S Fall 2009 B 3.00
ARC MATH 300 Intro to Math Ideas Fall 2009 B 3.00
ARC ANTH 330 Magic/Witchcraft/Rel Spring 2010
ARC ARTH 333 Introduction to Islamic Art Spring 2010
ARC ASTR 300 Intro to Astronomy Spring 2010
SCC ASTR 400 Astronomy Laboratory Spring 2010
ARC BUS 320 Concepts/Personal Financ Spring 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

And I'm leaning on a broken fence between Past and Present tense///

Every day when I wake up, I do a usual routine: I feed the cats (Beasley has my wake up time at about 7am everyday), make some coffee for me and Paul, check on my plants in the garden, finish cleaning from last night and then I head to the computer and begin with my job hunt (and the occasional facebook stalking of my friends). Beasley and Poppy keep me entertained for the most part. Usually, Poppy spends most of the day sleeping on the couch while Beasley constantly jumps on to my desk then to the window ledge to look outside and "talks" to me the way a cat only knows how. Sometimes Poppy joins in which sucks cause there are lots of papers on my desk. I listen to music (either my itunes, Pandora or my mp3 player) and I like to sing from time to time. Today, Poppy did something I have never seen: when I would sing a song (I am currently in love with the new Muse album The Resistance, especially the song "United States of Eurasia" mostly because Matthew Bellamy has the voice of an angel), she would come to me and sit while I sing to her. Her ears would perk up when a high note is hit. I know I am not the best singer in the world, I only sing when no one is home or in my car (Paul likes it when I do that). Poppy is usually acts like a diva at home but I think it is so awesome that she responds to my singing like that.

I have the best cats in the world.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why split these states when there can be only one?///

Since I have a moment before I head off to bed, I thought I would write a quick update in the life of me (while Beasley sits on my desk looking so very cute).

I had the interview with that law firm on Friday night. I admit, I was real nervous on the drive there. I don't know why. I liked the people that were there (2 lawyers and one CPA) and the whole thing lasted about 15 minutes. As of now, I have not heard back from them. It kinda makes me sad. I really could use this job. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope that they call me back and offer me the job. I had a phone interview on Monday for an insurance company. I did well on that interview and the guy said he would call me back soon to have me come in for an actual interview... I haven't heard back from him either. I am still not giving up hope.

I got another unemployment check. Its nice having money again. I just wish it was a pay check from a job tho. I am becoming slightly crazy being home all day. But on Sunday, I went to my brothers apartment and we all (me, Paul, Mateo, Orion and Alison) went to the auction to look for a bike for Paul and Mateo helped to get my old bike fixed up. I have been going on a bike ride every day as part of my exercise. I like it. I just need to get an awesome helmet and maybe a better seat. I am trying to keep track of the rides on a google map.

Time to hop in bed. I am going to try to read another chapter of my Chuck Klosterman book. More in the morning.

Friday, January 08, 2010

I'll take a quiet life, a handshake of carbon monoxide///

I feel bad. Here I made resolutions and yet I don't think I have kept up with them as well as I would have liked to. The best news is that I haven't gained any more weight so far. Paul and I have been trying to do our best to change our eating habits. It is hard. We both really love food. He loves to cook and we do a good job of it too! We have been cutting our portions and also trying to eat more veggies and make our own food vs. eating out (which helps me out since I am on a fixed income at the moment). I am still hovering around 203 at the moment. It has been so cold to go to the garage and get on the treadmill (which I know is an excuse and that's my problem) but I have been cutting on the snacking while spending my days at home.

I have been sending tons of resumes online via craigslist. It has paid off some what. I had an interview this Tuesday for a dentist office in Midtown (which is coincidentally one block from where I was previously employed which would have been awkward for me) but I don’t think I will get the job. They apparently want someone who has experience with a dental office. I don’t have that. The thing that ticked me off more then anything was that the lady didn’t seem like I could do well in that office. She kept telling me that they wanted someone who knows their program, blah blah blah. I think the whole interview lasted a whopping 5 minutes. Tonight, I have another interview with a law firm that is walking distance to Sac State!!! It couldn't be any better then that. I am crossing my fingers that this is the big break that I am looking for. And if this isn’t the job for me, at least I got the chance to get interviewed.

My first unemployment check came in yesterday. It wasn’t much but its money that I can definitely use to get by. I also get paid from the three days I did temp work for those apartments. I know it will only be a little bit but it’s a good feeling to have some sort of money coming in with my name on it. I am kind of glad to have had this experience. It has taught me who I really can trust in life, people who I knew were back stabbers all along but yet chose to see the good in instead of seeing them for the evil bastards that they really are, and I have come to value the things that really matter in life to me. I have grown up. I am better then I was. I am no longer a weakling that others can push around and control.

I guess this is an update blog entry. And today, I am happy. I have a life that is wonderful. A life that is full of love. I have the cats to keep me company at home. Beasley loves to chat with me and get my attention when ever he can. He meows all the time and then comes to hang out with me on the window ledge in my “study” and watch the birds fly by or the squirrels play in the trees. He hangs out with me when I do my gardening in the back yard (my next project is to start an herb garden in the back yard) or when I am working on an art project. And Poppy loves to be a princess and sleep on the couch all day long. I am a lucky girl. End of story.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Go Ducks!!!

My goodness. I found my old crocheting things in the garage! I think I will spend my day watching the Rose Bowl and keep working on my plastic bag creations.