Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why split these states when there can be only one?///

Since I have a moment before I head off to bed, I thought I would write a quick update in the life of me (while Beasley sits on my desk looking so very cute).

I had the interview with that law firm on Friday night. I admit, I was real nervous on the drive there. I don't know why. I liked the people that were there (2 lawyers and one CPA) and the whole thing lasted about 15 minutes. As of now, I have not heard back from them. It kinda makes me sad. I really could use this job. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope that they call me back and offer me the job. I had a phone interview on Monday for an insurance company. I did well on that interview and the guy said he would call me back soon to have me come in for an actual interview... I haven't heard back from him either. I am still not giving up hope.

I got another unemployment check. Its nice having money again. I just wish it was a pay check from a job tho. I am becoming slightly crazy being home all day. But on Sunday, I went to my brothers apartment and we all (me, Paul, Mateo, Orion and Alison) went to the auction to look for a bike for Paul and Mateo helped to get my old bike fixed up. I have been going on a bike ride every day as part of my exercise. I like it. I just need to get an awesome helmet and maybe a better seat. I am trying to keep track of the rides on a google map.

Time to hop in bed. I am going to try to read another chapter of my Chuck Klosterman book. More in the morning.