Friday, June 27, 2008

06.27.08 - The project...

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Thank goodness that this week is over. Only 4 more days for next week then 4th of July on Friday... 3 day weekend! After that, I work 3 more days and Summer Vacation starts on Thursday! It is going to suck knowing that my paycheck in the middle of the month is going to be pretty small, but having 2 weeks off feels like it is so worth it at this point. My paycheck next week should be pretty big considering that we have collected over $40k... And I get 1% = $400 at least.

I haven been working on my crocheting project again. I have been crocheting old plastic bags (I want to take them back to the store and recycle them but I hear they melt them). I have made a few bags already. I don't think they are strong enough to use as new grocery bags, but I think I will use one as a new bag (I hate the word "purse")