Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Here I go again///

Tomorrow, Poppy goes to the vet. I feel so sad for her. Her left eye is practically swollen shut and watery. She keeps sneezing and is so lethargic. She is so cute when she does sneeze, but I know deep down, she is so miserable. I am just hoping that the boss man will let me leave a little early to make sure she gets to her apt on time. Plus, since I-5 has been shut down on the north bound direction, traffic has been extra slow and crazy.

I voted. I only go to get those damn stickers. Plus, we voted in a fire station which was pretty cool too. We then went to get a burrito from Garibaldi's and watched the other patrons watch a soccer game and get way into it. We then went to Target and got some poster board so I can make that sign for the Angels game this weekend. The cool thing is that the poster board is 2 sided (one side is red and the other side is blue) so I am gonna make 2 different messages for the game.

Watching election results on TV is priceless. Apparently there was a huge branch that fell at Vallejos (the restaurant that Mayor Fargo is holding her "victory party"). All the news stations are covering that story despite the fact that Fargo probably wont win the who shebang. I voted for the bounty hunter... He reminded me of Dog. That's the only reason why I did it. No one said that I had to make a good choice when I vote, I voted at least. How many 24 year old can say that they have voted each and every time there was an election!? Shut up then.

PS: Obama is the presidential nominee for the democratic party... Makes my heart go boom... I am keeping that picture over my desk till he is the president! Here is my proof... I think I have had that picture over my desk since January of this year! Team Obama!!!