Thursday, June 05, 2008

Index of/media...


I love how stupid my xboyfriend, I will call him 'PG' for argument sake, is. He was the first guy I dated when I was 18. He has posted lots of things online that are personal... I would hate for that to get into the wrong hands... If only he knew how stupid he is. He put up some odd things, like several screen caps of a test he took to see if he is a slut (which, I could have told you he was... a few years ago, after we had broken up, we went out to a bar to 'catch up on life' and he tried to compare how many people each of us had slept with... competition), incriminating photos of him and several random people, and even personal insurance info... Ugh, I would never put up nude photos that anyone can see... Geez.


Not like I was purposely looking for photos, I clicked on a link and then... BAM, penis city. *gross* I think I just made myself more sick now.