Sunday, May 11, 2008

No I don't want to read your thoughts anymore///

Things I hate:

-Saturday Night Live is not funny at all to me anymore. I don't know why I subject myself to watching it. I keep thinking that there might be some nugget of hope left on the show. I like seeing the bands that they have. Some are pretty good. Tonight it was My Morning Jacket, a few weeks ago Gnarls Barkley was on. And I remember others like Arcade Fire. The skits are just so pathetic. I swear they stole at least 3 jokes from 'The Office' and used them. I feel so embarrassed for them sometimes. The only good skit last nigh was one for MacGruber.

-The stupid
Komen Sacramento Race for the Cure was today. Last year, the race was inside the Cal Expo fairgrounds. This year, things changed. As you can see from the wonderful map, they raced right by my fucking apartment!!! I was awoken at 7am to people running and being loud outside. I tried to put my mp3 player on and get back to sleep so I could go to my Photography final (which all I had to do was turn in my portfolio, which all I did was upload the photos online to photo bucket... I just wrote the web address on a piece of paper, put it into a box and walked out). I ended up only getting about 10 more minutes of sleep when Paul woke up all grumpy about the noise outside. By 8am, there was a shitty DJ out on the corner of Heritage and Response (which is the intersection that we live directly off of) and about 50 feet away from that, was some drummers... Taiko Drumming actually. I think there were about 6 guys in a row just beating the crap out of those drums. I couldn't park on the street, Paul and I had to park across the street in some parking lot that belong to these office buildings and also run the risk of getting a ticket. Traffic also sucked after the event. We couldn't leave out apartment till about 10am when all the runners were starting to die down a bit.

-When we left home, I took Paul with me to my class so I could turn in my final. Paul waited in the car since I was only gonna be gone for about 5 minutes. We then decided to head over to a park and have a picnic and read some of our books since it was a nice day outside. We got some sandwiches from this restaurant/ catering company called Selland's in East Sacramento off 54th and H St (I think). I got a tuna sandwich on chibata and Paul got a tri tip sandwich and a half pound of mac and cheese to share. We went to
McKinley Park and ate and read some of our books. it was real peaceful out there... Then across the street, I got a parking ticket!!! Totally lame. [Edit-We also saw Mayoral Candidate Kevin Johnson canvasing the area while we were at the park reading our books.]

-We looked at apartment today in the Midtown/ Downtown area. One was on 14
th and P St. called the Fremont Mews. There was a one bedroom that looked so nice and roomy but the bedroom was kinda small. We looked at some lofts off 22nd and S St. near the Sacramento Bee HQ called Whiskey Hill Lofts but they weren't that nice looking and kinda pricey. Then we looked at some town homes off 17th & D St. called Washington Park Village. They were nice. I only liked one of the 3 floor plans called "The Maybeck" but I am not ready go be buying a house... Plus, I want a yard to garden and for a dog someday.

I am trying to get my Poly Sci final done. I don't think it is gonna turn out very well but I just want to get it done and over with. I just have to make sure that it is at least 6 pages long. I am so far at 4 pages. I think if I keep making my sentences longer, it will make me sound like I know what I am talking about.

I am gonna stay up a little bit to see if I can catch The Soup at 2am... I am watching some music videos on the digital cable... There are 2 Interpol videos on there. One for '
Heinrich Maneuver' and 'No I in Threesome. I can't resist Carlos D. *sigh* What a dream boat... I need to make a list of guys who I think are attractive; like guys from bands, athletes, celebrities etc.

Ugh. Time for sleep. Mothers day is today! :) What a long ass post!

Oh, and I sold some more things on!!!