Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's a party tonight & ooh she's so excited... Tell me who's invited: you, your friends and my dick///

Random notes from the desk of: _______________________

  • I turned in my Poly Sci final today. I don't think I did that well on the paper but I was proud of it and I had to turn it in. I also was volunteered by my teacher to go up and present what I did my paper on and talked about it for a while. I hate talking in front of groups of people I don't know. Now all I have left is to study for the actual final test which is next week. I need to do well on this final or else.
  • I want to take Paul to a baseball game sometime this month. The A's games are much cheaper but I think we would have fun going to see a Giants game too. I think we might see a Giants game this week and an A's game in 2 weeks or vice versa.
  • One of my patients at work told me that her and her boyfriend are getting married. She said that Jerry, her bf, proposed on Friday. She is a nice lady. She totally deserves it. She said that they are gonna have a simple wedding... Speaking since she is Jewish and he is Buddhist.
  • I bought a tennis racket today and I also got some new "work out" clothes (which are not gonna turn in to "lounging" clothes). Paul and I are gonna try to go play a few times this week. I figure that I need to get my lazy bum moving and more active then I currently am. I suppose any exercise is better than none at this point.