Thursday, May 15, 2008

Written by God herself & handed down to the greatest band in the world...

Things I like love/ Things I don't like:

+ Knowing that in a few more weeks, they are doing an exhibit on Frida Kahlo at the SF MOMA in June. It makes me real happy to hear that. Now I just need to figure out when I can head back into the city and spend some time looking at all the wonderful things.

+/- Watching 'The Office'. WTF with Jan being pregnant? And Pam saying that she thought Toby "was cute" once? Andy proposing to Angela? And the new girl taking Toby's place? And how Jim didn't propose to Pam even though the timing was perfect!!! Ahhhh, so many things I could talk about. It's like the show saves all the good things to happen on the last episode.

-And since I am on the subject of shows; WTF with Warrick on CSI? I knew he was gonna leave the show, but did it have to be like that? I had a feeling that what happened was going to happen. I think it was not only the camera angles and shots of the scene, but also the music had this sad tone to it. Any who, Greg is still on the show... That does make me happy.

+ Today, the Supreme Court ruled against the ban on gay marriage. Needless to day, the boss man was very happy. Thus, makes me a happy girl as well.

+ I want to live in the Presidio. I just wish the homes didn't cost so freaking much. One day, I want to have a home just like those in the area... Well, the nicer ones built in the early 1900's (not the crappy homes that were built in the late 60's and on). I love the Spanish style homes. I always have. Its my dream house... One day, one day. I know I am gonna be in either San Francisco, Sacramento or Los Angeles... Probably Los Angeles or Sacramento more... My 2 home towns.