Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lazy sun... Your eyes catch the light with promises that might come true for a while///

Song of the day: Beck> Lonesome Tears

I wish this blog was read by millions (or maybe more then my small group of friends, family & online amigos)... But not in the same way that Perez Hilton's blog is. I just want people to know my life story (and the randomness that comes along with it) and what nots. Maybe this is my last ditch effort to make it as a writer, which was my passion in life before I graduated high school at age 17...

I wanted to write. I loved it. I even managed to get into a highly respected and sought after English class when I was a Junior in high school... Honors English. Not bad for a 15 year old who was a polar opposite from everyone else in that class (I admit I was one of those 'pseudo goth-punk-skater' kids).

I don't know what happened to that passion and dream I once had. I grew up and focused all my attention on working and being part of the work force. Going to college 2 years after I graduated high school... Then taking a 'break' to work again... Now back for a 2nd time around. I almost wish I had gone to college right after high school. I would have been graduated by the time I was 21 (going on 22). Ugh. If only I had known back then. Things would have been different.

Life is funny sometimes.
& somethings just
wer'nt ment to be.