Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Make mistakes that someday may end up killing the reasons why you did the things you had to///

song of the day: death from above 1979> 'do it 93! (live in Rio)'

I am currently attempting to study for my math class... Yes, I know a stretch for me, right? I decided to give this class another shot and stick with it no matter what happens. I figure that the least that can happen is that I fail and have to retake it in the Spring. I'll at least have the book for the next shot around. But, so far, this section is pretty easy to follow and understand. Let's just hope it stays this way.

I need to start working on my presentation in my Public Speaking class... I hate talking infront of people. Ugh.

Once I get done with my general ed at Sacramento City College, I am gonna go to school full time at Sacramento State... Maybe work to finally getting out of Sacramento and out to San Francisco or Los Angels or maybe Seattle...