Thursday, September 18, 2008

This ain't no funky reggae party, $5 at the door///

Song of the day: Sublime> Garden Grove

Paul got a brand new mp3 player last night...

We first went to Fry's to return something that he had bought for his younger sisters computer that he helped fix up for her 1st year at UC Merced. He took one of the things back with no problem. Because school started for us and we have both been real busy lately, we finally had time to take it back before the 'grace period' ended...

I got pissed at the manager because he was harassing Paul asking him why he waited for 30 days to return one thing but the other was done earlier. He said there was a missing piece to the part, which we told him wasn't in the original package... I pretty much told him that his policies were 'bullshit' because he said that we have to spend $12 for that missing piece before we can return the whole thing.

Long story short, he was able to return the item and had a $54 credit. We didn't need anything else (we have already bought a new 32" LCD TV, PS3... And I am getting my new computer at the end of the year) so he joked that he was gonna get an itouch to replace his old Creative mp3 player since its old (like 4 years, I think) and cant hold a charge anymore...

And he did get it. He likes it a lot.

And now I want one too! I still like my 30g Creative Vison:M but I can hold out till Apple comes out with a new upgraded and cheeper version!