Saturday, July 26, 2008

07.22.08 - The car wash...

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The last day of vacation... Sad to see it all end but glad that I had the time off to relax. Paul came home from work early because of his teeth still bothering him. He came home about 1230pm and since we both hadn't eaten, we went to Boston Market for a quick bit to eat.

A while ago, we both got these free coupons for a car wash at this place called The Pavilions Car Wash (it's in Fair Oaks in the nice part of town). I took Paul with me since the place was like 300 feet from the Boston Market. I swear, my car was the only domestic car there (I drive a 2005 Ford Focus, mind you) and also the least "fancy" car (there was a Porche, some Lexus' and lots of other new cars). Felt inadequate but I finally got that damn car washed (finally).

Ended up at Rite Aide. Got some items (hair dye and Dove bar soap for me) and spent more time then I would like to admit in the hair color, soap/body wash sections.

What a lame way to end my 13 day paid vacation!