Friday, July 25, 2008

07.21.08 - The rum...

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I so wish I had the patients to read more books... I blame the inter web and the damn PS3. I feel like that is all I have done on this vacation, working on my digital photography and playing Grand Theft Auto 4. I love the game tho. It is very addictive and fun too. Paul and I went to Borders to look around. I guess our days of reading and returning is over. The store changed their return policy. It sucks but It was worth it for a long time while we had the chance.I told Paul how I love history books, like art history, ancient cultures and the history of certain things (like this book I saw about the history of Rum, my most favorite drink ever) but not US History (I don't like the history of current topics or events). I feel good taking 3 art history classes tho next semester... It should be really fun and keep me busy!

I bought a book by Christopher Moore called "You Suck"... Should be fun! I read another one of his books called "A Dirty Job" and loved it. Now, its time to read more books!!! Wish me luck on that.

Oh yeah, Mom and Dad went to Los Angeles to visit Grandma. I wish I went.