Friday, July 25, 2008

07.20.08 - The cut...

Originally uploaded by Amanda.
So, I cut my hair. Very impulsive, if I must say (but that's how I 'roll' sometimes). I actually did it myself. I got frustrated with the fact that my hair is uneven and the layers were bothering me too, so I chopped a few inches. I used to have Matt (the oldest of my younger brothers) cut my hair all the time in the bathroom when we were teenagers. I didn't mind if it came out bad, it fit my style at the time (being the rebel punk girl that I once was in a land far far away). It looks slightly uneven (Paul made it a point to tell me how silly it looked being off by 1/2") but I love it so much. I feel like my old self all over again and not someone else. Short hair fits my face and I love being a "wash and go" girl. I am going to try to grow it out again soon... Let's see how long that last.

Also saw the new Batman "The Dark Knight" movie... Interesting but some what disappointed. Lame.