Saturday, July 26, 2008

07.23.08 - The store (Whole Foods)...

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Paul and I are going to make a home made meal for our 2 year anniversary on Friday. We took a trip to Whole Foods in Carmichael/ Fair Oaks to get our ingredients needed. On the menu: mashed potatoes with bacon bits, green beans, home made corned beef and pumpkin gooey cake. I love going to Whole Foods... The ready to eat food there is so awesome, we ended up having dinner there and eating peperoni pizza, mac and cheese for me and Paul had a vegetable soup and corn bread and a cola for the both of us.

It was also the first day back to work... Drama like usual. Not that bad tho. My goal for the new half of the year is to do the best job that I can and to not bring home the drama from work home with me. (good.luck)