Friday, October 02, 2009

That gypsy son of a bitch burned us///

I am soooo happy that it is finally Friday. The week is finally coming to an end. I suppose it will be ending in a few more hours but who is counting? I am excited for Monday (I normally wouldn't but Monday is payday and I am so beyond broke, its not even funny). Tomorrow, I wake early for a day of excitement. I am heading out to Sac State for Preview Day. If all goes well, I will be entering the college for Fall 2010 semester. I am real excited about the future now. I know deep down that Grandma would be proud of me that I am following my dreams and will be (someday) making them a reality. Since I am broke, I will be riding the bus (I haven't taken public transportation too much here in Sacramento besides the Light Rail) and its perfect because there is a bus stop up the street from where I live and it takes me right to Sac State!!!

Tomorrow, Paul has a big test. Its the CBEST. He wants to become a teacher someday and has to take this test as the first step towards that goal. I am so proud of him. I hope he does well on the test. I know how much this whole thing means to him.

And now, since I mentioned all the good things going on, here is more to add to my list of things that I hate...

I hate when:

  • people talk loud in an office waiting room. Here at my work, there are a few patients who are like that. I am not sure if they really don't know how loud they really are (I am that way according to Paul) or if these people are just obnoxious and think they are THAT important. I had a doctors appointment yesterday morning and there were a few people who were doing this. Drove me nuts. I almost wish that I had brought my mp3 player to listen to... since I ended up waiting about an hour to see my stupid doctor! Which brings me to...
  • I had to wait for my doctor for almost an hour! I know it would have been longer if I didn't walk up to the stupid receptionist and complain about the wait. I had a 1030am appointment and didn't get in till about 1130ish. I had even shown up a little early (like by 10 minutes). I almost walked out and just said "fuck it" but I was already there. Then, they keep me there at the office for almost 2 hours doing test and crap on me... I didn't even get to do my pap smear/ gyno check up that I was supposed to be scheduled for. Part of me wants to find a new doctor but I have been with this practice since I was a teenager. Good news to this story: I do feel justified now... I stole a fake hand from the room I was doing my check up in. Its pretty cool too. Its clear and there is a skeleton inside (fake, mind you) and I put my "prize" on the mantle in the house as an inside joke.

I am feeling optimistic about life. I know things will get better. It has to be, right? Oh, when I get paid, I am SO pre-ordering the new Ratchet & Clank game. This fact will be the one thing that will get me thru most of the month! Only 25 more days to go!