Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hate is a strong word... But I really, really, really don't like you///

Song of the Day:: Plain White T's> Hate (I Really Don't Like You)

Ah. Another day. The only good thing about today besides having the morning free to do filing and busy paper work here at the office. Yes, it is a Tuesday. The weather is finally looking like fall time and not like summer anymore. Tonight is also American History class. I will admit, I don't think I am doing well. The nightly reading kills me. Each chapter that we have to read as homework is about 30 pages long. Don't get me started on the daily quizzes either (I never remember the important things that end up being on the stupid quizzes). If I manage to pull a 'C' out of this class, life will be good. I only have 3 more weeks in this class. I think I can do it. One more test and one more paper.

And now, the things I hate.

I hate when:

  • People don't tell me important things that I need to know... Then they get all snippy when I try to call them out on it. I try my hardest to write notes down as the information comes, send emails about important events or issues (I think I send Paul a few messages a day just to touch base with him) but I feel like the common courtesy isn't being bestowed to me. This, in turn, drives me nuts.
  • People who make driving seem like a game. Now, I am one to talk. I have done this a few times especially while driving home from San Francisco. You know, the 'California Road Block'? I just hate it when the same car tries to pass me up on the freeway over and over again... Last night, it was a fucking Prius. God-Damn hippie vehicle!

Any who. This is all for now. I have a feeling like more will be coming up. I never seem to have a good day anymore.