Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mother fountain or live or not at all///

Song of the Day: Massive Attack> Black Milk

Things I am looking forward to:

Summer and Fall classes. Here is what is on my plate for the next 2 semesters...

Summer 2009:

MATH 120 - Intermediate Algebra @ Sacramento City College. MTuWTh 615 to 845pm. 6/15/08 to 8/7/09. 5 units.
This course reviews and extends the concepts of elementary algebra, with problem solving skills emphasized throughout. Topics that are reviewed and extended include: linear and quadratic equations, factoring polynomials, rational expressions, exponents, radicals, equations of lines, and systems of equations. New topics include: graphs and their translations and reflections, functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, graphs of quadratic and polynomial functions, nonlinear systems of equations, polynomial, rational and absolute value inequalities, and an introduction to conic sections.

Fall 2009:

ART 300 - Elementary Drawing and Composition @ American River College (Natomas). MW 6 to 820pm. 8/22/09 to 12/17/09. 3 units.
This course is a studio class in drawing and composition. Lectures and discussions stress the fundamental discipline related to the visualization of concrete or abstract concepts. Practice in drawing and development of content will be emphasized.

HIST 311 - History of the United States @ Sacramento City College (Downtown). TuTh 530 to 840pm. 8/22/09 to 10/16/09. 3 units.
This course covers the development of American Institutions and society from Reconstruction to the present and partially fulfills American Institutions requirements. The course emphasizes the role played by political, economic, social, cultural, and intellectual forces on the culture and development of multiple ethnic groups in a comparative format.

MATH 300 - Introduction to Mathematical Ideas @ American River College (Natomas). TuTh 6 to 9pm. 10/17/09 to 12/11/09. 3 units.
This course focuses on elements of mathematical systems. It is designed to make fundamental concepts and processes more meaningful to the general student. Its content may include systems, logic, geometry, combinatorics, probability, statistics, sets, matrices, and number theory. Not recommended for students entering elementary school teaching or business administration majors.

Hopefully, all I will need are a few more classes and then I can work on transferring to a bigger school. Paul took me to UC Davis on Saturday to check out the campus (I was pretty familiar with it, I dated a guy who lived in Davis and we would head to the campus from time to time). I really liked it there and their Art History program looks really good. Not to mention that Wayne Thiebaud is an honorary professor there. And I also have his calender in my kitchen too (yes, I am a dork... I love having calenders of artist in the house. Paul has one of Wassily Kandinsky in the bedroom... Speaking of Kandinsky, he died on my birthday in 1944. Odd). Thiebaud is one of my favorite modern artist (Picasso is my idol) and a local Sacramento native.

I don't know if I could afford $20,000 a year on school tho. Even if it is only for 2 more years while I get my Bachelors degree. Sac State is much cheaper tho. I don't know if I really want to stay in Sacramento tho. I love it here, my family is here, Paul and I have a life here. Who knows anymore. I want to live up to my promise I made to Grandma before she died. I told her that I want to work in a museum. Its the one passion and goal I have in my life. I don't care how long it will take me. I am going to be a curator. I am sick of hearing that I cant do it or that it will be to hard to accomplish. I know I have to kick ass in school and make my dream a reality. I owe it to myself... I know Grandma would be proud of me either way.