Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rant #1...

I wish that certain people who I know very well would stop reading my blog... just so they can see if I am doing things that I shouldn't be... some people should be spending their time working! Talk about invasion of privacy (yes, this is a public blog, I know, but still).

IP numbers are amazing. They don't think that I don't know they are checking my stuff out. If only they knew.


< / rant >


Anonymous said...

Well I hope you don't mind me reading your blog! I guess you occasionally check LJ to have read and commented on mine =) totally cool with me. Its nice to know someone is still reading it.

That's all

-fran aka inmybackpocket

Amanda said...

Oh Fran! How I missed you! I don't mind you. It other people I know that are bothering me. Part of me should just say "fuck off, I am going to write what I feel and not care what others say" but I have met some people out there in the world who I know are rooting for me to fail. For the time being, my blog is as simple as it gets. I try not to write anything about anyone who isn't me, Paul, my family, friends or my kittens. Besides, those are the only things that matter to me anyways!