Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Every man, & every woman needs someone... So keep it coming///

Song of the Day: New Order> Crystal

School is going along quite well. The year is almost over then starts the Summer session and then one more year in community college and I will be entering Sacramento State University as a transfer student.

Still working on my crocheting bags. I like the feeling I get when I am done with the project. I showed off my favorite bags with my family while at my Grandma's funeral and got lots of positive feed back. Aunt Cathy is sending me some bags from So. Cal. The more I make, the more I can sell. Dad said that he knows of lots of ladies at his work who would love one. Score!

And now, a picture...

I think This is my favorite photo of my brothers. I think I will print this one out and give it to them as a little gift from our bonding in So. Cal last week.