Friday, March 20, 2009


To Do*:

[edit-3.20.09 7:45pm]
[edit- 3.21.09 5:43pm]
[edit- 3.22.09 9:18pm]

  • Get angry & yell at other drivers on the freeway while attempting to go home during rush hour traffic.
  • Buy a new plunger for the bathroom.
  • Change and get ready for my Mom to come over to the house.
  • Drive to West Sacramento to see my Dad's band play.
  • See family for the first time in a month even tho they live the next town over.
  • Buy more bubble mailers to mail off my latest orders.
  • Mail said orders asap.
  • Write paper for my Renaissance art class that is due on Wednesday.
  • Work on my crocheted plastic bags to get on sometime soon.
  • Update March Madness brackets.
  • Visit Home Depot for gardening ideas and goodies.
  • Pay rent & bills (there goes my whole paycheck).
  • Clean house/ laundry/ garage.
  • Buy new computer chair or think of new idea.
  • Take crap from garage to the Goodwill.

*Not today! Over the next few days, perhaps. I am not a machine!!!