Sunday, March 01, 2009

Oh oh then suddenly you know... You're never going home///

Song of the day: Franz Ferdinand> Ulysses

Things I am glad for:

Being able to grow up. It makes me feel good to be able to sell all the old things that remind me of the past. I am glad that I am over those points of my life. I am older, wiser and smarter then I once was.

Speaking of, I used to do this photo comparison a long time ago in my old blog... I am gonna bring it back. I once was cute but I seem to have peaked at age 22... Maybe this is all part of growing older. Ugh.

Amanda: Believe it or not, it was once me.

March '04 - Age: 20
Location: A then boyfriends house playing with his web cam... Stupid boys who play guitar and who are in a band.

March '05 - Age: 21
Location: Parents bedroom looking into a mirror... Stupid post engagement break-up with stupid wanna-be thug rapper types.

March ' 06 - Age: 22
Location: My old car, JellyBean, parked near a park by my old job in Orangevale... Stupid cameras that take awesome pictures.

March '07 - Age: 23
Location: The old apartment in Sacramento... Stupid earrings that I loved so much and now I can't seem to find for the life of me.

March '08 - Age: 24
Location: Downtown Sacramento @ the Old City cemetery... Stupid dreams of being a big shot photographer.

March '09 - Age: 25
Location: The new house in Sacramento... Stupid happiness of being completely on my own (with Paul).

Oh well.