Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Feeling rejection... I'll burn down your house... Tearing down posters... I was never alive///

Song of the day: Bloc Party> She's Hearing Voices

I am always the last to know anything remotly intresting and important to me!!>>!>!>! Ugh. Lameness. I had to find this out on a local radio stations website. I am the queen of winning radio station contest via their stupid online clubs... Ask Paul... We won trips to see many shows courtesey of my skills! I am sooo gonna win this shit! Booyah!!!

Bloc Party Coming to Freeborn Hall!
posted by TONY BATASKA on 2/18/09 - last edited by TONY BATASKA on 2/24/09

Bloc Party is coming to Freeborn Hall 4/21/09 @ 8pm!

UCD Students: On Sale is on Thursday, February 26 at 10am. Tickets will be $19.75 and can be purchased with CASH ONLY. UCD Students must bring their student ID and can bring one friend's UCD Student ID for a limit of two tickets per person. This discount is limited to 200 tickets.

General On Sale is Saturday, February 28 at 10am. Tickets will be $29.75. Available at the Box Office and at Tickets.com.

This concert will be Festival Style (NO SEATS/ALL STANDING) General Admission.