Thursday, January 01, 2009

Winner, winner, chicken dinner..

So, before the Rose Bowl, Paul and I made a "gentleman's bet" on what the score will be for the game between USC and Penn State... I wrote it down just to be sure. Remember, Paul is a fan of sports and knows stats... Me, I know nothing and my picks in most sports (like the brackets we do for March Madness) is biased on which mascot I think is better then the others (I thought a Trojan warrior would totally wail on a stupid 'Nittany Lion'), or which team has players that I actually know (That Mark Sanchez guy that is the quarterback for USC) or team colors (I actually like Penn States blue and white more then the Trojans red and yellow, but my Godmother/ Aunt is a USC alumni and Los Angeles is my hometown)... Is my 'system' shallow, yes. But it works for me.


And here is what the score was at about 5:30pm:

Where is Vegas when I need it! Ugh.