Sunday, January 04, 2009

Team India.

Things that I hate:

Stupid dancing shows.

I think I am and have growing up a bit and have not been watching so many stupid reality shows. I will admit that I do like my usual VH-1 shows (Rock of Love has a soft spot in my heart still) and The Soup on E!, but I decided to watch the new dance show on NBC (something about the worlds best dancers with the host being that Lord of the Dance guy... Which, on a side note, I saw him in Las Vegas back in 2003 with Patrick and it was pretty bad ass.) which happened to be on TV after the SNL Sports Extra. Now, I usually like dance shows, not so much the Dancing With the Stars show (only because I am not a big fan of those the show picked to be on as a contestant and the ones that I do like end up being kicked off the show in the first few episodes) but I like to see what people can do and what they can push their bodies limits to do. So there are about 8 country teams that are competing in 2 types of dance competitions. One is a group dance and the other is a solo dance. I only want team India to win only because of my love for Bollywood dancing.

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