Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things I love: #1249...

Things that make me happy:

-I got a 98% on my Art History midterm. To be honest, I didn't study at all except for the fact that I rewrote all my notes (which in 3 weeks, I had about 20 pages of notes) during the weekend. All I need to do is keep up the good work and also get started on my final paper and I should be in the clear from then on.

-Vacation time is coming up sooner then it feels like. Soon, I will be in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving for 3 days... Then on to Christmas vacation for about 2 weeks and then today, my boss told me that he is going to take some time off in January so he can go to Washington DC to see Obama's Inauguration on January 20th. 3 more days of no working (score)

-My 25th birthday is coming up soon... 1 month from Thursday. I will be at my "quarter life" (assuming I live to be 100). I think I want to get a tattoo as a gift to myself. My goals for the end of the year are to save $2000 in my savings account (which I am about $150 away from that) and to open up a Roth IRA for my retirement.

-Paul and I are talking about going on a trip next winter, around Christmas time 2009. We are debating on either Marseilles, France or Vienna, Austria. I am looking at spending about $1200 to $1600 just on the plane ticket alone. The good thing is that Paul has an Aunt & Uncle who live in France & Austria which will take care of the lodging expenses. All I need now is a passport! My goal is to save about $3000 for this trip... I think I can do it.