Sunday, November 09, 2008

The same place animals go when they die///

Song of the day: Arcade Fire> Keep The Car Running

-Saw the movie "Role Models" with Paul. I loved it.
-Had the most awesome nachos at Dos Coyotes.
-Dad's 49th birthday... We got him a new sheet music journal (to write music in) and a mini flask.
-Heard way too much information about my brothers.

-Watched some football with Paul
-Had a nice little lunch at The Bread Store.
-Went to the labyrinth for my paper that I have to write in my Art History class.
-Saw Murray and Inky at Paul's Uncle/Aunts house.
-Met Paul's Uncle Glenn while looking at his other uncles house that's being remodeled.
-The San Diego Chargers won today...
-& so did the Sacramento Kings (it's about gd time!)
-Beasley bit me today... He is too cute to be mad at tho.
-I think I found the newest classes I am going to take this semester.

  • Art History 308 - Renaissance Tradition in Art; Wed 7-10:05pm @ ARC
  • Art History 300 - Intro to Art; Tu/Th 6-9:10pm @ Natomas (1st 8 weeks)
  • English Writing 301 -College Compostition and Literature; Tu/Th 6-9:10pm @ Natomas (2nd 8 weeks)
I am trying to work on my Art History paper and get that out of the way so I can spend the rest of my time working on my latest speech that is due next Monday. I think its much easier to write the Art paper then the Speech one... I call it procrastination.

Oh yea, I have an A in my Speech class... 98.43%. I wish I knew what I got on my midterm in my Art class.

Oooooo, Kill Bill Vol. 2 is on! Score. Manda = 1; World = 0