Thursday, October 23, 2008

My heart was wrapped up in clovers the night I looked at you///

Song of the day: Etta James> At Last

Tonight is another day of classes. From 6 to 9ish... Then, I get to come home (maybe watch some of The Office and Sunny) and start this all over again BUT I have to meet with my group on Friday and Sunday to work out the kinks in our Business Speech due on Monday. As long as we make it to 8 minutes, we will be fine. Plus, I think our idea is unique and interesting. I hope the rest of the class thinks the same.

But anyways, tonight should be fine. I am getting sick apparently. I feel like a cat with a hair ball caught in the back of my throat. Should I get In & Out tonight before class? The choices are endless. Ugh. I should. I think I deserve it for once! Double Double, here I come!