Sunday, October 26, 2008

I want to sleep if you are awake... Still making believe that you aren't at all crazy///

Song of the day: Deftones> Battle Axe

OMG. What a day for me. I bet I should explain what happened today (well, technically I suppose it would be what had happened in the last 24 hours):

-Played video games from 11pm-ish till about 1am. I cant help it that I have become addicted to playing Grand Theft Auto for the PS3. It is so much fun, tho.

-Had to get up early to meet with Ivory from my Communications class and work on our 'Professional Presentation' speech that is due on Monday. It went well, I think. We worked from 10am till about 1pm getting our PowerPoint presentation finished and I worked on the outline while I could. We ended up getting a lot done but now we have to meet again with Travis to go over the thing as a whole group. Tomorrow = Starbucks on Folsom & 65th @ noon. Ugh.

-There was an Obama rally at the State Capitol today that started at 1pm today. I was kinda bummed that I didn't get to be there when it started. Another ugh.

-Drove down to see the Obama rally anyways even tho I was supposed to meet Paul at his Aunt and Uncles house in North Sacramento. I didn't really get to see anything from my car tho, so I headed to see Paul anyway. We went to have lunch at Subway and talked about politics and what not.

-We decided to head to the Obama rally anyways. When we had gotten there at about 2pm (yes, one hour later), there wasn't a lot of people like I had hopped. There were lots of people hanging out and relaxing on the West steps of the Capitol, but nothing else. Paul and I walked and talked around the Capital and decided to drive to Old Sacramento to visit Evangeline's but the traffic into Old Sac was nuts, and we headed back to the apartment.

-Before we made it home, we went to this restaurant supply store that I have always wanted to go into but never had the time. It was awesome in there. Interesting gadgets and supplies... If you owned a restaurant. I wish I had the money for that store.

-Headed home to relax and then headed back out to his Aunt and Uncles house to see their dog, Murry and hang out. We went on a long walk around the neighborhood, got complemented on my Obama shirt that I got last week and found some random guys social security card on the ground.

-Went to this sushi place called Crazy Sushi that is near us on Fulton Ave and really liked it a lot. I think we are going to head over to this place often. There was a couple who were doing lots of shots of sake with the sushi chef and being retarded and drunk.

-Watched Hell Boy, Game 3 of the World Series (boo Phillies) and SNL.

-When we ended up heading home to our house, there were lots of cops by the AM/PM on Watt and Auburn. I looked over because there were about 10 to 15 cop cars. All I saw was 1 white car near the pumps with the passenger doors open and a white sheet over something... There was dead body there, I swear!

-Found out that my interest rate in my savings account went from 2.716% to 2.75 making my total in savings currently $1,676.00

-Bought a shirt from Gotta love them pirates!

-That stupid Zone Ball is tonight. Lame!

Time to watch The Soup and head off to bed. Damn, I wrote a lot today. What a first.