Wednesday, July 09, 2008

07.09.08 - The heat...

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OMFG... Seriously, I don't think I have remembered it being this hot in ages. The one really bad thing about all of this crazy weather is that it was only 1 week ago (technically 6 days, not like it matters) when it was cool and breezy out here. The 4th of July was the most awesome day because of the cool weather outside, now we have this monster of a weather system... To make matters worse, there are still hundreds of wild fires all over California which makes it smokey as hell out side... If the smoke was gone, I think this weather would be slightly more tolerable then it is. Its the nature of the beast unfortunately. The Sacramento valley is notorious for weather like this... I have lived here for over 14 years... I of all people should know this by now. Fuck.this.shit.. Yay for sweating like a pig (can you hear the sarcasm?)!

Today was the last day of work. (thank.fucking.god) I was getting real annoyed of Sara being grumpy (well, she seemed that way to me... I don't know if she was mad or just tired or whatever the deal... She didn't talk to me practically at all and seemed real quiet and distant, more so then normal) but I don't have to see anyone for about 2 weeks, it was all worth it! 2 weeks paid vacation is heaven!