Wednesday, July 09, 2008

07.08.08 - The latest...

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Ta Da! Here is the latest project that I have completed with crocheting plastic grocery bags. I am really happy how this project turned out. The bags were mostly from Safeway (the main place we shop for groceries at) but there are some blue and yellow bags from Best Buy in there and some clear bags from some packaging a while back. I decided to add a green trim too to make it look a little different. Those green bags came from Barnes & Noble and my roommates work. I feel real proud of this bag. My friend M said that I should sell these bags. I honestly wish that I could devote that much time and effort into making them (not that I don't do that already)... Plus, I don't have that many bags lying around the house. I was thinking of going to the market and grabbing some from the bin they have outside for people to bring the old bags for recycling. I want more colored ones tho. : ) Dare to dream.