Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We sit & grow our roots into the floor... But what are we waiting for?///

A lunch-time quicky:

  • I didn't get the job at Pension Planners that I interviewed for last Monday. Bummer, huh? I called the lady back today to ask her what is going on & she said that "the position has been filled"... It's all my fault for waiting & for being to scared to take any time off... All I can do now is learn from my mistakes.
  • Stupid McDonalds was out of soda today... I had to drink a water. Ugh. I can't stand the taste of french fries and bottled water... *yuck* But like I told the cashier, "this is a sign that I should be drinking more water."
  • Got paid today $750 but that hardly covers the emotional bull shit I am constantly put thru on a daily basis. I am beginning to think that this place is where I am doomed to spend the rest of my stupid work career... I think I would rather die then go thru that. I have to keep my chin up & do all that I can to leave. It's my new mission in life.
  • I am full of anger today. I am angry at the job I could have had, the stupid patients, me for being scared of everything... *sigh* I am an angry bear. No doubt about that.