Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let's make love & listen Death From Above///

Ahhhh, another day is finally done (no sarcasm here!). I can't wait till the weekend is here all over again. Trust me, it is for my own good actually.

The recap:

  • Seeing photos like this Beagle one makes me feel all happy. Maybe I am taking the thought if getting a dog too far but it gives me something to look forward to in my simple life . I have to wait till Paul & I get a house before anything happens. And like I have always said "A girl can dream, can't she?"
  • 'The Office' is on right now on TBS. I can't wait till sometime in April when the show comes back on TV. My life of normalicy will be returning back shortly... Well, once 'Heroes' also comes back. & '30 Rock' too. [Edit] The guy who plays "West" on 'Heroes' was on 'The Office'. I got excited. Paul seems to know that I have a slight crush on him from his other work like the indy movie "Rocket Science." I can't help it.... Dark haired boys make my heart go 'boom.'
  • I sold my first item on half.com which made me feel good. Now if only I could sell everything that I don't want online... I would be a nicer person. I only made $5 off it, but if I sold the other 15 books on there... cha-ching! The list is here, btw.
  • It is raining outside... still. It's kinda strange, it has been beautiful outside for the last week or so & then today it rained & looked gloomy & shitty! At least my plants on the balcony are getting some much needed water.
  • We made home made pizza for dinner tonight. We bought some pizza dough, sauce , cheese and peperoni from Trader Joe's the other night and also I bought a pizza stone from Bed Bath & Beyond. It turned out pretty good... I like more sauce, Paul likes more cheese tho. All in all, it was a hit! I think we are gonna need to add this to the rotation. I don't know if we should call the pizza 'Papa Beez' Pizza' or 'Poppy Pizza.'
  • I haven't heard back from those other jobs... I must keep the faith tho.