Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012... #43

I write this while at the library at wonderful Sac State. Pmiles is sitting across from me doing some research for a paper in one of his classes and I am on the other side listening to the amazing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack and finishing up some homework before I start reading an uber dense art history book. I am so glad that I have this music to keep me going today.

The weeks are going by so fast. Sometimes I think I am losing my mind. Blah. Who cares? After studying we are going over to the well to work out. The last time we went there was last Thursday morning... I need to get back in gear. The wedding is coming up soon. 6 months, 14 days... or 28 weeks... or 196 days. I wonder if it is even possible to get from 195 to 150 by then. Ugh.