Wednesday, February 01, 2012

2012... #32

Spending some of the day in the library at school. Later today will be an intresting night at roller derby practice. I will be there till about 11pm. Ugh. Then tomorrow starts with an early wake up to go to the gym, then coming home to shower and heading to school for the day (from 9am to 415ish). Sweet Jebus!

Random side note:
As I sit here working on some homework for a history class, I am listening to some She Wants Revenge... I love their music but I can't help but think about the first boyfriend that I had when I was 18. We were only together for about 2 years but when I hear a song by this band, he pops in my head. I am better then this. Bleck. Maybe one of these days I will write something about him and how better off I am since we broke up. Why can't I get someone who I met 10 years ago out of my head? I simply wish he never existed in my world.


Anonymous said...

+ 家庭主妇(夫),不便外工作者;
P.s 抱歉..如有打扰,请删除.祝:幸福快乐