Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spring 2010...

Here are the classes for Spring 2010...

ANTH 330 - Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion:
ARC. Tuesdays & Thursdays 6pm to 910pm. 03/16/2010 - 05/13/2010.
This course is a cross-cultural study of the forms and functions of supernatural beliefs and associated rituals in traditional societies of Africa, Asia, aboriginal Australia, Oceania, South America, Native North America and elsewhere. Attention is also given to world religions. Emphasis is on understanding the role of beliefs and rituals within their given social contexts, as well as on a broader comparison to derive insight into the general functions of beliefs and rituals in human life.

ARTH 333 - Introduction to Islamic Art:
Online. 01/16/10 to 05/19/10.
This course studies the art and culture of Islam. It primarily focuses on Islamic art and architecture and provides fundamental information on the formation of Islamic art, its history and philosophy. It identifies works of art produced by artists from Muslim countries and regions. This course includes but is not limited to visual examples from Arabic, Persian and Indian cultures. Field trips may be required.

ASTR 300 - Introduction to Astronomy:
ARC. Mondays. 6pm to 910pm. 01/16/2010 - 05/19/2010.
This course covers modern astronomical theories, utilizing history, observations, reading, and discussion. It also includes changing conceptions of the cosmos, the planets, the universe of stars and galaxies, and cosmic evolution.

ASTR 400 - Astronomy Laboratory:
SCC. Wednesdays 730pm to 10:35pm. 01/16/2010 - 05/19/2010.
his course covers astronomical observation with the eye, telescopes, Charged Coupled Device (CCD) cameras, and spectrometers. The analysis and interpretation of astronomical data is emphasized. Students enrolled in this class will have the opportunity to attend astronomy related off-campus activities, such as star parties.

BUS 320 - Concepts in Personal Finance:
Online. 01/16/10 to 05/19/10
This course is designed to assist individuals to analyze their financial affairs for lifelong decision making. Elements and conceptual basis of financial planning and the analysis and decision making in areas of budgeting, taxes, borrowing, money management, insurance, investments, and retirement will be examined.

13 units. Fun.