Monday, July 06, 2009

Don't get me wrong because I'm happy to be anything but still///

Song of the Day: Oh My> Mellowdrone

Why I love wikipedia....

I looked up one thing and then like 10 minutes later, I was linked to something completely off topic:

-Lost Highway (Was listening to a song from this movies soundtrack)
-David Lynch (Made that movie)
-Film Noir (The style of that movie)
-Jack Nance
-Richard Pryor
-Balthazar Getty (All were in that movie)
-Lord of the Flies (He was in that movie)
-William Golding (Wrote that book)
-Delphi (setting of another book Golding wrote)
-Greece (where Delphi is located)
-Larissa (ancient city in Greece)
-Peripheries of Greece (the 'Provence' Larissa is located)
-Pelasgus (all gods/ goddess/ figures in Greece)
-Sparta (city in Greece)
-Leonidas (ruled Sparta)
-Xerxes (killed Leonidas during a war/ fight)
-Agamemnon (Brother of Menelaus)
-Menelaus (ruler of Sparta/ Helen of Troys husband/ Agamemnon's brother)
-Castor & Pollux (the Gemini constellation/ brothers of Helen)
-St. Elmo's fire (weather phenomenon)
-Paris (abducted Helen)
-Priam (Paris' father)
-Aeneas (escaped the burning city of Troy with Helen)
-Troy film
-Achilles (warrior)
-Achilles Heel (the term used for weakness/ way he died)
-Thetis (goddess/ mother of Achilles)
-Julie Christie (played her in the Troy movie)
-Warren Beatty (were an item for years)
-Shirley MacLaine (his sister)
-Coco Chanel (was in a movie about her life)
-Coco avant Chanel (french movie about Coco)
-Audrey Tautou (was in the french movie about Coco)
-Amelie (her first big movie)
-Montmartre (where the movie takes place)
-Mathieu Kassovitz (was her love interest in Amelie)
-Jamel Debbouze (was also in that movie)
-Melissa Theuriau (married him in real life)
-Rufus (the guy who played Amelie's dad)
-Sophie Neveu (the character she played in the DaVinci Code)
-Alfred Molina (was also in the DaVinci Code)
-Deja Entendu (album by Brand New, 1st song off album was inspired by Tautou)
-Eclipse (Twilight book, inspired by a song off that album by Brand New)
-Benoit Poelvoorde (guy who is dating Audrey currently)
-Quentin Tarantino (got Benoit on the Cannes jury)
-Inglorious Basterds (his latest movie)
-Mexploitation (a movie style)
-Eli Roth (horror movie maker)
-Til Schweiger (in Inglorious Basterds)