Friday, June 19, 2009

You ask for understanding beauty, well that's more than I could ever give you now///

Song of the Day: Mellowdrone> Amazing

Maybe its the fact that I am tired... and slightly cranky... or maybe, I have just had it to here (holds her hand up to her forehead), but I got to thinking just now...

Can tell me who 'DOC DOC LLC' is?

I have noticed that they read my blog a lot.

My blog logs each person/ IP address that stumbles across this page... People from Finland to Mexico, Poland to Lithuania, and all over the country have read my rants and adventures. I know when I stumble on it and when my friend old acquaintance in San Francisco read it too...

I have a feeling i know who it is tho.

Correction, I know who it is.

I wonder what they think they can find by looking me up so many times... Today (6/19/09) @ 5:46pm, earlier that same day @ 4:48pm; Monday (6/15/09) @ 4:16pm and so on...

Despite the fact that one would believe I keep all my personal thoughts and secrets on my blog (which, long ago, I once did. I wrote about everything on my mind from the time I was 15 as a junior in high school till my mid 20's), I don't... So, if you feel so inclined to keep on snooping around, why don't you just man up and ask. I may come off as slow or dimwitted, but I am so much smarter and cunning then I portray. You have no idea the things I know, so stop being a brown-noser and get a life, leave this pissed off 25 year old woman alone!

Oh well, I love IP addresses... Its a dead give away to their location/ identity.

Thank you.


PS: By the way, congrats on trying to be sneaky. Try harder next time, kthxbye.