Friday, June 05, 2009

But my heart will still jump because to me, they look the same///

Song of the Day:: Ima Robot> Black Jettas
*When I lived with my parents, I would play this song and dance around Jetta in my bedroom.

Dad sent me a text message after I had gotten out of the shower @ 715am. He usually doesn't send many texts (unless he wants something).

Dad - Bring my shovel. I need to bury Jetta.
Manda - She died?
Dad - No Amanda, I just want to bury her... Of course she died.
Manda - When did this happen?
Dad - Last night.
Manda - I'll bring it after work. Is that okay?
Dad - Sure. She is not going anywhere.

Funny, when my Grandma died in April I found out on a Friday too. What a way to start off a weekend. Burring the dog I got when I was 13. *sigh* She lived a long life. She even out lived some of the cats that she helped raise when their mom died.

This is the only photo of here that I can find at the moment. She got real sick during Christmas time and I thought we were going to loose her then. Mom had to feed her with a eyedropper. Not long after that, she lost her vision. She had a hard time dealing with being blind. She would run into the walls, furniture and would trip in the doorway getting in and out of the house. Mom called her a "roomba" because when she was outside, she would walk in circles. She, like my Grandma, never lost her spunk. She lost quite a bit of weight in her last few months but she was always excited to see hear that Paul and I were over visiting my parents. I miss her so much. She was the best thing about growing up at my parents house. She will always be my special girl... My parents use to call us sisters (we both had long black messy hair)... I wish the people I love most in the world would stop dying.

She is sleeping with the angels now... Having a blast with my Grandma and Grandpa. She lived a great 13 years... The best 13 years ever.

RIP Jetta Ramirez
10/31/96 - 6/4/09