Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ugh. Yep, ugh.

Ugh. I think that is the official word of the day.

The day is over. boutfuckingtime. A recap, since its almost time to get some sleep (unfortunately, another day is a few short hours away).

-Work was actually fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. (which is a good thing) I wish I could go outside more. Today was the most beautiful day all year. Dare to dream.

-Started my English Comp. class today. The teacher was a little dull (a typical English Prof.) but he warmed up a little more towards the end of the night. I have my first reading assignment that's due on Thursday but my 'effing book still hasn't come in from half.com that I ordered over a week ago.

-Wished my younger brother, Matt, a happy 23rd birthday. Makes me feel old knowing that my younger brother is now 23 and my youngest one will be 20 at the end of the year. Ugh, I am such an old lady for being only 25.

-Stupid Ikea computer chair broke on me... while I was sitting in it. Grrr. I fell on the hardwood floor on my knees and hands. Now I get to waste money and buy a new one. Joy. Using one of the dining room chairs is not the most glamorous thing. My right arm hurts now. Seriously.

-Poppy, my girl cat who isn't the brightest crayon in the box, is now following the laser pointer. Beasley loves it. He chases it all over the house and now, Poppy is getting the hang of it too. I am happy. I was beginning to think that I was the owner of a ditzy cat.

-Selling more things off my half.com account. I just want to get rid of this crap more then anything. Plus, making about $50 extra every 2 weeks is a nice thing.

-Planning on selling my crocheted plastic bags. I just need to finish them and not let my cats eat a hole in them. Good luck on that. But who would actually buy something made by me?