Sunday, February 01, 2009

I’ll never let you go If you promise not to fade away///

Song of the day: Muse> Starlight

So, what is going on in the world of me?

-School is in full swing. Almost regret taking 2 Art History classes at the same time (only because of the teachers contradicting each other).

-Settling nicely in to 'St. George'. Constantly thinking of new things to decorate and unpack (still). Beasley and Poppy have gotten use to the new home. Finding new hiding places... New sunbathing spots... Running around on hardwood flooring... Poppy exploring the backyard with me.

-Realized that Paul and I are not home as much as we once were... Working full time and going to school full time (part time for me) is not fun. But, Paul has one more full year of school and will hopefully be a graduate of the University of California, Sacramento by Winter 2010.

-Jetta (my dog that lives at my parents house) is blind now. It kills me inside knowing that. She is going to be 13 years old this Halloween. She has lived a long life and I love her more then any other dog I have had. Mom says that she is doing well and knows that she is blind. She keeps bumping into things (like the walls and the couches and people's legs). Life is strange...

and most importantly...
-My Grandmother is dying. I can't even think of the thought of her leaving this world. My last grandparent. I think the moment when I knew that she really isn't doing well (and approaching the end of her life) was when my Mom asked me for my social security number and telling me that my brothers (and myself included) and other cousins are beneficiaries for her estate. *sigh* Not good. Seriously. Everyday is another battle... All I can do is hope for the best and pray (which being an Atheist, will be quite hard) that my Grandma will be alright. Oh yeah, her 77th birthday is in 2 weeks... My Grandpa (who died when I was 12 in 1997) would have been 75 on this coming Thursday... Jeebus.