Saturday, February 21, 2009

And I wonder if I ever felt this before///

Song of the day: Mute Math> Noticed

So, I thought I would post a few more photos of what is going on in "Saint George." Everyday, I try to thing of things that I can do to make this small home reflect Paul and myself. I sometimes wonder if I am too optimistic in my ambitions?!

This happens to be my side of the bed. Not a lot going on but its only because I have another room to make my own. I have assorted post cards, books, mp3 player, piggy bank there.

On the top of my "end table": my 2 favorite stuffed animals; Snoopy & my old teddy bear Gloria... Tulips that Paul bought me for Valentines day (in red and pinks)... A cat jar that holds my jewelry... A glass vase of M&M's... Bottled water and the latest 'Twilight' book that I just started.

And because I am a true Art History Nerd, my small collection of art books. Letters from Van Gogh, Bohemian artist, Frida Khalo, 20 or so great artist mini bios, and the handy art book. One day, I will have a huge book shelf of art books... Mostly modern art tho. On the top, is a figuring of Frida and next the The Art Book is a beckoning cat.