Thursday, November 20, 2008

Maybe this problem points towards some larger trend///

Song of the day: We Are Scientist> It's A Hit

SO, I finished reading "Twilight" last night. And I am ashamed to say that I put reading that book before my Speech and Art History classes. which is a bad thing.

I am 3rd to speak on Monday (but, I do get to finally get it over and done with instead of waiting much later to present) but I have yet to practice anything or make my visual aide. I have a world of work a head of me come this weekend. I know I will do fine. I have one of the highest grades in the class. I just need to get my shit together. After this presentation, I only have one more left, which happens to be my final. *sigh*

Tonight is yet another test in my Art History class. I think I will be fine. I will do some reviewing later on tonight. I know that I will be fine. Paul likes to make fun of me because I haven't really done any studying and yet, I have gotten good grades on everything.