Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Open your eyes and look at the day... You'll see things in a different way///

Song of the day: Fleetwood Mac> Don't Stop

Things I love:
-Mark Sanchez... On CNN. He said something so funny today while I was watching his show during lunch. I wish I had remembered what he said, but none the less, his love for myspace, twitter and facebook kills me.
-Free taco day at Taco Bell!!! I am so there today after work
-A patient just told me that I was very pleasant and that I was a good person... Which made me feel good about myself. I just wish that other certain people could acknowledge that fact too. It might make me a better person mentally

Anywho, I gave my presentation yesterday with my group (Travis & Ivory). I think we did kick ass! I just hope we got a good grade from Prof. Cantrell. I am glad that project is over. Now we have a "Civic Action Speech" as the next project. Only 2 more speeches to go.

Tonight is Art History class. I think we have a test/ quiz. But I know I will do good. I usually do. I have been rewriting my notes so I can study & also because when I write in that class, it is sloppy because I am usually rushing to get all the info down.