Sunday, October 12, 2008

& I've made hallways scenes for things to regret///

Song of the day: Interpol> Rest My Chemistry

Another lazy day. I wish I had more of these days in my life. I like the feeling that I can do anything I want whenever I want. One day I will get that experience. Not now... One day, maybe. But for now, my life resumes tomorrow morning at 7am and wont end till 5pm Friday afternoon. Joy.

I have been going thru my mp3 player and getting rid of some music that I haven't been listening to in a long time or music that I have grown out of. I still cant believe that I have a 30g mp3 player and it is almost full off 5500+ songs and 12 videos of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I think I need to expand my musical horizon and try new things. I think I am up for the challenge.