Tuesday, September 09, 2008

You wanna know why you feel so hollow? 'Cause you are///

Song of the day: Queens of the Stone Age> Everybody Knows That You Are Insane

So Friday I have a pop quiz in math... And I don't think I am going to do good... Oh, I also have a test on Saturday morning too. I suck at studying!

I decided my first speech will be about how to crochet a handbag out of used grocery bags. Paul thinks that it's something I am good at and also something interesting I can share with the class. I hope it turns out good tho.

Today was the worst at work. I won't go into too much details since I know that the good Doctor and my office manager might read this in the near future. I am working on a mixed CD tho. Something to show how I feel. Wish me luck.

PS: Lil' Jon cracks me up... He makes me hate the words "okay", "yeah" and "what" and I always think of Dave Chapelle too.