Sunday, July 06, 2008

07.05.08 - The show (We Are Scientist)...

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Sleeping in is always a fun thing... Especially when your roommate ends up knocking on front door and calling your & your boyfriends cell phone after 1am because they forgot their house keys. Anyways, we ended up seeing Hancock in Natomas. The movie was alright... It lost me in the middle tho when Charlize Theron's character tells Will Smith's character that they are _______ & ____ and that she is a _________ as well. I almost thought that there should have been more substance then was there. Oh well, I can't win them all unfortunately. Soon, more good movies will come out and I'll try to take Paul to see them. My koi fish shirt that I bought from came in today and also my stuffed Snoopy from Urban which both looked wonderful. Later that night, I took Paul to see We Are Scientist play at Blue Lamp on Alhambra and N St. I had a bunch of fun being at a show with Paul... We haven't been to any shows in a long time. The bad thing was that they didn't go on till after 1130pm! They played a lot of my favorite songs, there was a bunch of shenanigans in the audience (like 2 drunk-tards bouncing around and falling on their asses) Needless to say, the show didn't end till after 1am. I took the set list (which is now posted next to my desk) and we went to Denny's for a late dinner. The waiter took forever getting our order to us cause he had a "bad leg" (which I thought was ironic since a waiters whole job is to be on their feet moving quickly), we saw a tranny wearing short shorts, a long brown hair wig with a hat that looked like something that Blossom (the show from the 90's) would wear with a half shirt bearing a gut. Now today, I have an eye doctors apt because I keep getting headaches. Ugh. Time to get to getting.